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Andrzej Grubba 1984

Andrzej Grubba (born May 14, 1958 in Brzeźno Wielkie , † July 21, 2005 in Sopot ) was a Polish table tennis player .


Andrzej Grubba was born in a village near Gdansk and was the son of a family of teachers. In 1972 he started table tennis and after graduating from high school in 1977 he studied sport in Gdansk . Until 1985 he played for the table tennis team of the Gdańsk Sports University (AZS Gdańsk), with which he won the 1985 European Cup. He was Polish individual champion twelve times , for the first time in 1979. In 1985, he moved to the German Bundesliga .

Grubba usually played with his right hand, but could play with both right and left hands.


He played in the Bundesliga for TTC Grenzau from 1985 to 1987 and from 1990 to 2002, and from 1997 he worked here as a player-coach. He won the German championship four times as a player with Grenzau. In 1987 he returned to Poland and finished his studies in Gdansk and then returned to Grenzau. However, he played in this section in Austria (1988-1990), where he was master with UTTC Stockerau .

International success

From 1977 to 1997 Grubba took part in 11 world championships and 7 European championships .

At the World Championships he won three bronze medals: 1985 with the Polish team, 1987 in doubles with Leszek Kucharski and 1989 in singles.

At the European Championships he came up with seven medals: in 1982 he became European champion in mixed with Bettine Vriesekoop , he reached the final in 1984 (he lost to Ulf Bengtsson ) and in 1990 in singles, in 1996 in doubles with Lucjan Blaszczyk and in 1988 in mixed with Bettine Vriesekoop.

In total, he took part in three Olympic Games . At the games in Seoul in 1988 he was eliminated in the second round, as in 1992 in Barcelona . 1996 in Atlanta , at the end of his career, he did not survive the qualifying round.

His greatest success was winning the European ranking tournament of the TOP 12 in 1985 and winning the World Cup in the same year. Changing the batting hand during the rally was also famous, something that could only be admired at Grubba among the world's best. From 1997 he appeared in table tennis shows with Jacques Secrétin .

In 1985, Grubba was the first table tennis player in Poland to be voted Sportsman of the Year .

End of career

He ended his active career in 1998 and was the sports director of the Polish table tennis association until the end.

“Players like Waldner and Appelgren made history, but I was only second or third. I will be forgotten relatively quickly. "

- Grubba

Andrzej Grubba succumbed to lung cancer and left behind his wife Lucyna (née Galus), a former 75-time Polish national handball player, and two sons Tomek (* 1984) and Maciek. His son Tomek plays for FSV Mainz 05 in the regional league (as of 2008).

At the end of 2005 the national Polish training center in Gdansk was renamed Andrzej Grubba Training Center of the Polish Table Tennis Association .

Interesting results

  • 1st place German Open 1984 and 1988
  • 1st place Swedish Open 1985 and 1993
  • 1st place at the World Allstars Circuit 1990 Tokyo u. Nishinomiya, 1991 Nishinomiya, 1993 Hong Kong, 1995 Ipoh / Malaysia
  • 1st place French Open 1990
  • 1st place individual tournament at the Europe-Asia comparison in 1986 in Paris
  • Pondus Cup in Copenhagen: 1st place 1984 u. 1985, 2nd place 1986 a. 1990
  • 1st place Germany Cup 1989 u. 1991
  • 2nd place in the Gilbert Cup in LA / USA 1998
  • 2nd place French Open 1986, Czech Open 1989, Polish Open 1987 a. 1989

Results from the ITTF database

Association event year place country singles Double Mixed team
POLE  European Championship  1996  Bratislava  SVK   last 16  silver     
POLE  European Championship  1992  Stuttgart  GER   Semifinals  Quarter finals     
POLE  European Championship  1990  Gothenburg  SWE   silver       
POLE  European Championship  1988  Paris  FRA     Semifinals  silver   
POLE  European Championship  1986  Prague  TCH   Semifinals  Quarter finals     
POLE  European Championship  1984  Moscow  URS   silver  Quarter finals  Semifinals  2
POLE  European Championship  1982  Budapest  HUN   last 16  Quarter finals  gold   
POLE  EURO TOP12  1995  Dijon  FRA   11       
POLE  EURO TOP12  1993  Copenhagen  THE        
POLE  EURO TOP12  1992  Vienna  AUT   7th       
POLE  EURO TOP12  1990  Hanover  FRG   3      
POLE  EURO TOP12  1988  Ljubljana  YUG   3      
POLE  EURO TOP12  1987  Basel  SUI   4th       
POLE  EURO TOP12  1986  Sodertalje  SWE   8th       
POLE  EURO TOP12  1985  Barcelona  ESP   1      
POLE  EURO TOP12  1984  Bratislava  TCH   4th       
POLE  EURO TOP12  1983  Cleveland  CLOSELY   6th       
POLE  EURO TOP12  1982  Nantes  FRA   6th       
POLE  Olympic games  1996  Atlanta  United States   immediately excluded  immediately excluded     
POLE  Olympic games  1992  Barcelona  ESP   last 16  immediately excluded     
POLE  Olympic games  1988  Seoul  COR   last 16  6th     
POLE  World Championship  1997  Manchester  CLOSELY   last 128  last 32  no participants  11 
POLE  World Championship  1995  Tianjin  CHN   Scratched  Scratched  no participants  12 
POLE  World Championship  1993  Gothenburg  SWE   last 16  last 16  no participants  11 
POLE  World Championship  1991  Chiba City  JPN   Quarter finals  Quarter finals  no participants  16 
POLE  World Championship  1989  Dortmund  FRG   Semifinals  Quarter finals  no participants  8th 
POLE  World Championship  1987  New Delhi  IND   Quarter finals  Semifinals  last 64 
POLE  World Championship  1985  Gothenburg  SWE   last 128  last 16  last 32  3
POLE  World Championship  1983  Tokyo  JPN   last 32  last 16  Quarter finals  12 
POLE  World Championship  1981  Novi Sad  YUG   last 16  Quarter finals  last 64  8th 
POLE  World Championship  1979  Pyongyang  PRK   last 128  Quarter finals  last 64  13 
POLE  World Championship  1977  Birmingham  CLOSELY   last 64  last 64  no participants  12 
POLE  World cup  1994  Taipei  CHN   9-12 space       
POLE  World cup  1991  Kuala Lumpur  MAS   5th-8th space       
POLE  World cup  1990  Chiba City  JPN   5th-8th space       
POLE  World cup  1989  Nairobi  KEN   silver       
POLE  World cup  1988  Canton & Wuhan  United States   gold       
POLE  World cup  1987  Macau  CHN        
POLE  World cup  1986  Port of Spain  TRI   6th       
POLE  World cup  1985  Foshan  CHN   silver       
POLE  World cup  1982  Hong Kong  HKG   14th       
POLE  World cup  1981  Kuala Lumpur  MAS   6th       
POLE  World Doubles Cup  1992  Las Vegas  United States     Quarter finals     
POLE  World Doubles Cup  1990  Seoul  COR     Semifinals     



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