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Troelstra (right) with Helmut Schwichtenberg and Yiannis Moschovakis (left) , Oberwolfach 2002

Anne Sjerp Troelstra (born August 10, 1939 in Maartensdijk near Utrecht ; † March 7, 2019 in Blaricum ) was a Dutch mathematical logician .


Troelstra went to high school in Eindhoven and studied mathematics at the University of Amsterdam from 1957 , where he was an assistant professor in 1964 after graduating (doctoral examination) and received his doctorate in 1966 with Arend Heyting on intuitionist topology . He then worked as a post-doc at Stanford University with Georg Kreisel . In 1968 he lectured on intuitionist logic at the State University of New York at Stony Brook (SUNY). In the same year he became a lecturer in analysis and in 1970, as successor to Heyting, full professor for pure mathematics and the foundations of mathematics at the University of Amsterdam. In 2000 he was retired. He was visiting professor at Oxford (1973/74), the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg , the University of Siena and the University of Bern.

Troelstra initially dealt with intuitionistic metamathematics (choice sequences) and Kleene realizability.

Since 1976 he has been a member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences and since 1996 a corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences . In 1996 he received the Friedrich L. Bauer Prize .

He wrote several historical books on journeys by naturalists.


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