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From left to right: Stephen d'Irsay , Arnold C. Klebs , Henry E. Sigerist , Karl Sudhoff , Friedrich Wilhelm Tobias Hunger , Owsei Temkin . Leipzig 1929
Arnold C. Klebs in his library in Nyon
«Les Terrasses» Nyon
Bookplate signed Arnold C. Klebs . Legacy at Yale University

Arnold Carl Klebs (* 17th March 1870 in Bern , † 6. March 1943 in Nyon ; heimatberechtigt in Upper Castle ) was an on tuberculosis specialist Swiss - American physician and medical historian .


Klebs was the son of the bacteriologist Edwin Klebs . He studied in Zurich , Berlin , Kiel , Würzburg , Bern and Basel . He received his doctorate in Basel in 1895. He completed further training courses in Zurich, London, Paris and Baltimore . In 1896 he followed his father to the USA. In Chicago he had a medical practice from 1898 to 1909. There he was also director of the Chicago Tuberculosis Institute. In 1904 he received US citizenship.

In 1909 he returned to Switzerland and settled in Nyon. The wealth he had acquired in the USA enabled him to devote himself primarily to the history of medicine and to compile an extensive medical-historical and scientific library with valuable incunabula . His villa "Les Terrasses" on Lake Geneva became a meeting place for doctors and students.

Klebs was a co-founder of the Swiss Society for the History of Medicine and Natural Sciences (SGGMN) and an honorary member of the American Association for the History of Medicine . Klebs was married twice, first to Margaret Forbes and second to Harriet K. Newell. He left his library to Yale University . It formed the basis of the " Harvey Cushing / John Hay Whitney Medical Library". The Medical Historical Library dedicated an exhibition to Klebs in 2008 on life and work.


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