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General information
origin Virginia Beach , United States
Genre (s) Death metal , thrash metal
founding 2000
Founding members
James Malone
Michael VanDyne (until 2006)
Current occupation
Vocals, guitar
James Malone
David Kinkade (since 2008)
Nick Cordle (2008-2012)
former members
Bass player
Noah Martin (2006-2008)
Darren Cesca (2006-2008)
Shawn Priest (2008)
Ryan Knight (2008)

Arsis is an American death / thrash metal band from Virginia Beach .


James Malone and Michael VanDyne, two college students at Berklee College of Music , founded Arsis over the 2000 Christmas break. A first demo was created in 2001, another followed in 2002. Several live shows were performed with various session members and in 2004 they signed a record deal with Willowtip Records . The debut album A Celebration of Guilt received some good reviews in the underground and was in part compared to Slaughter of the Soul by At the Gates .

A Diamond for Disease , an EP with a 13-minute title track, followed in 2005. The US heavy metal - ballet group Ballet Deviare used the song.

In 2006 the second album United in Regret was released , with Daath guitarist Eyal Levi as a producer. Several tours with u. a. Enslaved , God Forbid , Necrophagist and All Shall Perish followed. VanDyne then left the duo. Darren Cesca, also at Berklee College, joined as the new drummer. In addition, Malone took a second guitarist in the band with Ryan Knight. Noah Martin, who was already a session bass player on the United in Regrets album, became a permanent bassist .

With producer Zeuss (including Agnostic Front , Hatebreed and Municipal Waste ) we Are the Nightmare , which was released in 2008 by Nuclear Blast , was created. Shortly thereafter, the line-up collapsed again. A European tour took place in autumn 2008 as a support act for Morbid Angel , Kataklysm and Marduk . David Kinkade ( Borknagar , drums) and Nick Cordle (bass) completed the line-up again. A US tour has been announced for winter 2008/2009. In May 2009 they performed at the Legacy Open Air Festival and in November they toured with Behemoth , Devildriver and Scar Symmetry on the Neckbreakers Ball Tour. Guitarist Nick Cordle joined Arch Enemy on March 5, 2012 .


  • 2004: A Celebration of Guilt
  • 2006: United in Regret
  • 2008: We Are the Nightmare
  • 2010: Starve for the Devil
  • 2013: Unwelcome
  • 2018: Visitant

Individual evidence

  1. Official biography on Nuclear Blast US
  2. Homepage of the association
  3. ^ Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott has left the band. Nick Cordle (Arsis) has joined as his replacement.

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