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Arturo Pérez-Reverte (2008)

Arturo Pérez-Reverte Gutiérrez (born November 25, 1951 in Cartagena , Spain) is a Spanish journalist and writer .


Pérez-Reverte began as a journalist and worked as a correspondent in various African countries for the daily newspaper "Pueblo" and for TVE. Since 1991 he has been writing columns in the magazine "El Semanal" , a weekend supplement that appears in 25 Spanish daily newspapers.

He is now one of the most translated Spanish authors in the world. His most famous work, The Dumas Club , was made into a film by Roman Polański in 1999 as The Nine Gates with Johnny Depp , the plot being greatly simplified. Furthermore, it was in 1993 with the Grand prix de littérature policière excellent novel The Flanders with Kate Beckinsale under the name of mysteries (Engl. "Uncovered") filmed. In 2006 the Alatriste series with Viggo Mortensen in the lead role was adapted for the screen. In his books, as with Balzac , there are cross-references to his other novels, in which he z. B. the picture, which plays a leading role in the mystery of the black lady , appears as a poster in Hunt for Matutin .

In 1996 the first volume of the Alatriste series, which is extremely popular in Spain and is set in Spain in the early 17th century, was published. The title hero of these "cloak-and-sword" stories is Diego Alatriste, a veteran of the Spanish infantry, the legendary "tercios", who fought his way through as a detective, hired killer and mercenary. His adventures are told from the perspective of his fellow, Íñigo Balboa. The novels are interesting because on the one hand the decline of the Spanish empire at the end of the so-called "Golden Age" ( Siglo de Oro ) is reflected and on the other hand fictional characters and real historical persons are mixed up. For example, Diego Alatriste meets regularly with the poet Francisco de Quevedo in a tavern in Madrid.

Pérez-Reverte has been a member (académico de número) of the Real Academia Española since 2003 .

Arturo Pérez-Reverte was a reporter for the public television broadcaster TVE (Televisión Española) for two decades and reported on the world's theaters of war, including Africa and the Balkan Wars. With his television reports from the crisis zones, he shaped a form of TV reporting that was associated with personal risk, made him known to the general public and found numerous imitators. He incorporated the experiences of his stage as a war reporter into Territorio Comanche and the novel Pintor de Batallas published in 2006 .

In 2013 his novel Dremal im Leben ( El tango de la Guardia Vieja , 2012) was published, which he had started to write twenty years earlier and which contains “a whole series of autobiographical details and patterns”.

In 2015 the novel Hombres buenos was published in Arturo Pérez-Reverte telling the story of two men who were commissioned by their academy colleagues as members of the Real Academia Española in the late 18th century - such as the librarian Don Hermogenes Molina and the admiral Don Pedro Zarate received to travel to Paris to get access to the complete edition of the Encyclopédie ou Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers by Denis Diderot and Jean-Baptiste le Rond d'Alembert , which was banned in the Kingdom of Spain.


Works (selection)


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Alatriste series

The first three parts of the Alatriste series were published in Germany in one volume as "Alatriste". Parts four and five appeared in the volume "The King's Gold".

  • El capitán Alatriste . 1996.
    • German: Captain Alatriste.
  • Limpieza de sangre . 1997.
    • German: purity of blood.
  • El sol de Breda . 1998.
    • German: The sun of Breda.
  • El oro del rey . 2000.
    • German: The king's gold.
  • El caballero del jubón amarillo . 2003.
    • German: The knight with the yellow doublet.
  • Corsarios de levante . 2006.
  • El puente de los asesinos . 2011.
Individual works

Falcó series

Articles and columns

  • Patents de corso. Articulos 1993-1998 . Santillana, Madrid 2000, ISBN 84-204-8350-8 (EA Madrid 1998).
  • Con ánimo de ofender. Articulos 1998-2001 . Alfaguara, Madrid 2006, ISBN 84-204-4310-7 (EA Madrid 2002).
  • No me cogeréis vivo. Articulos 2001-2005 . Alfaguara, Madrid 2005, ISBN 84-204-6943-2 .
  • Cuando éramos honrados mercenarios. Artículos 2005-2009 . Alfaguara, Madrid 2009, ISBN 978-84-204-0506-3 .
  • Obra Breve . 2001.


  • La construcción de una novela. "El tango de la Guardia Vieja" . Alfaguara, Madrid 2013.

Film adaptations

movie theater

The title of the novel on which the film adaptation is based is given in brackets.

  • 1992: The Fencing Master (The Fencing Master)
  • 1994: Secrets (The Black Lady's Secret)
  • 1995: Cachito (Cachito: Un asunto de honor)
  • 1997: On the trail of death (Territorio Comanche)
  • 1999: The Nine Gates (The Dumas Club)
  • 2006: Alatriste ( Alatriste and The King's Gold )
  • 2007: La carta esférica (The Nautical Chart )
  • 2009: Quart (TV series) (The Hunt for Matutin)
  • 2017: Oro
Television series


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