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Coat of arms of those from the angle

From the Winckel (also Winckell , from the angle ) was the name of a German nobility family in Meißen , Anhalt and the Duchy of Magdeburg . Not to be confused with the families: von Winkel, vom Winkel, vom Winkel and am Winkel.


There are two different ancestry versions:

1. The barons from the Winckel, also Barons von Krosigk-Winckel, according to research results from the family archive, presumably descend from the Italian noble family of the Barons von Galléra, who probably settled in the Harz Mountains in the 10th century . Hinricus dictus de Angulo was first mentioned in a document on February 27, 1283 in a document from the Halberstadt diocese. This Heinrich vom Winkel is considered to be the first of the Aus dem Winckel family . (In addition, it must be stated here that there was the patrician family de Angulo, dictus de Winkele, vom Winkel in Gandersheim . Bartoldus de Angulo , son of Heinrich de Angulo , who died in 1311, was canonicus and consul in the Gandersheim monastery in the diocese of Hildesheim in 1345. ) Name Winckel (lat. Angulo) is a local name for a landscape on the northern edge of the Harz Mountains, but is also widespread elsewhere. According to their results, a tribal relationship with the Krosigk family cannot be proven.

2. According to the current nobility literature (which the family also followed), the son of the burgrave of Calbe Eberhard von Krosigk, Curt von Krosigk, gave up his old name around 1384 and called himself from the Winckel . There is no known reason for the name change. But it was not uncommon then to give up one's ancestral name and to name oneself - mostly after new possessions. The Siebmacher Wappenbuch also shows a coats-of-arms relationship with the von Krosigk and von Köhler families .

Two lines from the corner

From those from the angle there were two lines:

1. the line to Schierau (1527 to mid-19th century) and 2. that to Wettin (1446 to 2014), which also owned goods to Brandis (1612–1690) and Oppin (1601–1686). This line also died with the death of Sibylle from the Winckel (born August 20, 1925 in Luggendorf , Prignitz ; † April 1, 2014 in Reinbek ), the last of her sex.

The family held Krosigk Castle as a fief from 1423 to 1439 and from 1444 to 1451.

Schultze - Schultze-Galléra - Galléra line

Through the marriage of Christian Wilhelm from Winkel-Schierau to Countess Christine Elisabeth von Anhalt on March 29, 1760 in Vienna, a connection was established that was later established by the Aus dem Winkel family and the head of the Askanien family for religious and political reasons was deprecated. The son of this connection and the progenitor of a new branch of the family is Johann Christoph Wilhelm, who was born on January 12, 1761 at Reinharz Castle and baptized on January 23 by the Calvinist pastor Le Coque in Oranienbaum . The later quarrels led to the "robbery" of the ancestral family name by their own relatives. Since then, this branch of the family has become known under a different name, the most striking representative of which is Karl Siegmar Schultze (1865–1945). By later adoption (1904) he called himself Siegmar Baron von Schultze-Galléra . The family continues through this line to the present day.

coat of arms

In the silver shield there are three red plowshares lying horizontally on top of each other. On the helmet a red and white Turkish league from which two upright red plowshares protrude with their backs turned against each other. Ceilings: red and white. The depiction of the coat of arms with plowshares pointing to the left is attributed to the families von Krosigk, von Karl and von Köhler. In the second improved edition from 1989 of the Siebmacher reprint from 1605 in the edition “The bibliophile pocket books” (p. 169) the association of coats of arms is presented. There the ploughshares in the coat of arms of the Aus der Winkel point to the right. The depiction in the Siebmacher corresponds to the depiction on an epitaph in the ruins of the patronage church of the Aus dem Winkel family in Schierau . Ultimately, this is not a heraldic distinguishing feature, but rather a common coat of arms that the four families led together and that is depicted with flocks lying either on the right or on the left. The family coat of arms was an alliance coat of arms of the families Aus dem Winkel, Gramont and Manteuffel-Szöge, in the form of brocade silk embroidery from the 18th century. It was housed in Burgscheidungen Castle in 1949, including the family archive, and given to the family in 1990.

Known family members


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