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Master: Sydney Ice Dogs
• Australian Ice Hockey League

The 2013 season was the 13th season of the Australian Ice Hockey League , the highest Australian ice hockey league . The champions were for the second time in the club's history the Sydney Ice Dogs , which last won the title in 2004. The H. Newman Reid Trophy for the regular season winner also went to the Sydney Ice Dogs.


In the regular season, each of the eight teams - the Gold Coast Blue Tongues had withdrawn from play - played a total of 28 games in a four- fold round . The four best-placed teams after the preliminary round qualified for the playoffs in which the champions were played off. For a win after regular time each team received three points, for a win after overtime two points, for a defeat after overtime one point and for a defeat after regular time zero points. In contrast to international practice, the regular playing time was only 50 minutes, as only a quarter of an hour was played in the first two sections of the game and only the final third lasted 20 minutes.

Regular season


club Sp S. OTS OTN N Gates Points
1. Sydney Ice Dogs 28 18th 3 1 6th 117: 80 61
2. Newcastle North Stars 28 17th 3 1 7th 132: 75 58
3. Perth Thunder 28 17th 1 1 9 127: 114 54
4th Melbourne Ice 28 16 1 3 8th 147: 93 53
5. Mustangs IHC 28 12 4th 2 10 118: 103 46
6th Adelaide Adrenaline 28 8th 3 5 12 125: 124 35
7th Sydney Bears 28 7th 0 1 20th 73: 120 22nd
8th. Canberra Knights 28 2 0 1 25th 51: 181 7th

Sp = games, S = wins, U = draws, N = losses, OTS = overtime wins, OTN = overtime losses, SOS = penalty wins, SON = penalty losses


The Canadian Jeff Martens was voted the most valuable player by the Newcastle North Stars , who was also the top scorer and top scorer in the league. As the best Australian goalkeeper and best goalkeeper in the league, Anthony Kimlin was won by the master Sydney Ice Dogs , who also had the best catch quota in the league. The other awards went to John Gordon ( Melbourne Ice ) as best defender and Cameron Todd ( Sydney Bears ) as best rookie .


The final tournament was held on September 7th and 8th, 2013 in Melbourne .



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