Australian Ice Hockey League

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Australian Ice Hockey League
Australian Ice Hockey League logo

Current season 2019
sport ice Hockey
abbreviation AIHL
Association Ice Hockey Australia
League foundation 2000
Teams 8th
Country countries AustraliaAustralia Australia
Title holder CBR Brave
(1st title)
Record champions Newcastle Northstars
(6th title)
TV partner Fox Sports, YouTube

The Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL) is the top ice hockey league in Australia and is subordinate to Ice Hockey Australia , a member of the IIHF . The league was founded in 2000 by the Canberra Knights , Sydney Bears and Adelaide Avalanche . Two years later three more teams were added.

The AIHL players are semi-professionals. During the summer break in the 2005 NHL , Steve McKenna , former NHL player with the Los Angeles Kings , Minnesota Wild , New York Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins , played for the Adelaide Avalanche . He returned to Australia as a coach in 2007. Rob Zamuner , also a former NHL player, was under contract with the Gold Coast Blue Tongues in the 2006 season .

Teams 2019

Location of the AIHL teams
team Location Venue capacity Founded Joined Former names
Adelaide Adrenaline Adelaide IceArenA 1,500 2008 Adelaide A's (2008)
CBR Brave Canberra Phillip Swimming & Ice Skating Center 1,000 2014
Melbourne Ice Melbourne O'Brien Icehouse 6,500 2002
Melbourne Mustangs Melbourne O'Brien Icehouse 6,500 2010 2011 Mustangs IHC (2010-2012)
Newcastle Northstars Newcastle Hunter Ice Skating Stadium 1,000 1981 2002 Newcastle North Stars (2002-2016)
Perth Thunder Perth Perth Ice Arena 400+ 2010 2012
Sydney Bears Sydney Macquarie Ice Rink 2,000 1982 2000 AIHL Bears (2007-2009)
Sydney Ice Dogs Sydney Macquarie Ice Rink 2,000 2002 West Sydney Ice Dogs (2002-2009)

Former teams

  • Adelaide Avalanche (2000–2008) ceased operations in June 2008. Player redesigned to play as Adelaide A (now known as Adelaide Adrenaline)
  • Canberra Knights (2000-2013) business interruption in February 2014. The players were later redesigned to the CBR Brave
  • Central Coast Rhinos (2005–2008) declined to sign the 2009 license
  • Gold Coast Blue Tongues (2005–2014) suspended in 2012, license expired in 2014. Formerly known as Brisbane Blue Tongues.


CBR Brave Perth Thunder Melbourne Mustangs Adelaide Adrenaline Gold Coast Blue Tongues Central Coast Rhinos Sydney Ice Dogs Newcastle Northstars Melbourne Ice Sydney Bears Canberra Knights Adelaide Avalanche


The Goodall Cup, the fifth oldest ice hockey trophy in the world

Goodall Cup

The Goodall Cup was awarded for the first time in 1909, but only since 2002 to the master of the AIHL. Before that, he was the winner of the United States Championship in Australia. In a few years (1914–1920, 1940–1946, 1955–1960, 1993) the cup was not played.

After the Stanley Cup (1892), the Queens Cup (1903), the Boyle Cup (1904) and the Allan Cup (1908), the Goodall Cup is the fifth oldest ice hockey trophy.

The previous Goodall Cup winners (from 1909 to 1999):

Regular Season Winner

From 2000 to 2003 the national champions did not receive a trophy from the AIHL. It was only in 2004 that the league introduced the VIP Cup for the championship winner. The trophy was named after the sponsor VIP Home Services. The VIP Cup was played four seasons before it was discontinued in 2007. In 2010, the league introduced a new cup, the H. Newman Reid Cup, for the championship winner. The trophy is named after Henry Newman Reid, who opened the first ice rinks in Australia between 1904 and 1907. The championships have been backdated to include the AIHL Bears and Newcastle North Stars as title holders for 2008 and 2009.

Regular Season Winner
VIP Cup winner
H. Newman Reid Trophy winner

Wilson Cup

The Wilson Cup goes to the team that wins the preseason competition that has been held since the 2008 season.

In 2009 the Central Coast Rhinos won the Wilson Cup, but did not compete in the 2009 AIHL season.

Seasonal structure

Regular season

The AIHL season begins every year in April and lasts a total of five months. Games are played almost exclusively on Saturdays or Sundays, mostly in the afternoon, but there are also some evening games. Each team plays a total of four times against each of the other seven teams, so that each team has 28 games.

Extension and points system

The point system as it currently exists in the AIHL was only introduced in 2006. A team receives three points for a win, no points for a defeat. If a game ends in a draw, a penalty shootout is carried out. The winner of the penalty shootout receives two points, the losing team still receives one point. Until 2005, a five-minute extra time was played instead of a shootout .


In 2000 and 2001 the team was named champions that topped the table in the regular season. A final game for the championship was introduced in 2002. In 2003 the playoffs were expanded from two to four teams, with the semi-finals and the final each going over one game. So far there are no plans in the league that the playoffs will be held in series in the future, such as the "best of seven" known from the NHL.

AIHL master

Master since 2000

year Location master Runner-up Result
2000 Macquarie Ice Rink, Sydney Adelaide Avalanche Sydney Bears 6-5 (SO)
2001 Thebarton Snowdome, Adelaide Adelaide Avalanche Sydney Bears 10-7
2002 Blacktown Ice Arena, Sydney Sydney Bears Adelaide Avalanche 5-4 (SO)
2003 Glaciarium, Sydney Newcastle North Stars Sydney Ice Dogs 4–1
2004 Erina Ice World, Central Coast Sydney Ice Dogs Newcastle North Stars 3–1
2005 Hunter Ice Skating Stadium, Newcastle Newcastle North Stars Adelaide Avalanche 3–1
2006 Adelaide Ice ArenA, Adelaide Newcastle North Stars Adelaide Avalanche 4-0
2007 Penrith Ice Palace, Penrith Sydney Bears Newcastle North Stars 4–3 (OT)
2008 Hunter Ice Skating Stadium, Newcastle Newcastle North Stars Sydney Ice Dogs 4–1
2009 Hunter Ice Skating Stadium, Newcastle Adelaide Adrenaline Newcastle North Stars 3–2 (OT)
2010 Medibank Icehouse, Melbourne Melbourne Ice Adelaide Adrenaline 6-4
2011 Medibank Icehouse, Melbourne Melbourne Ice Newcastle North Stars 3–2
2012 Hunter Ice Skating Stadium, Newcastle Melbourne Ice Newcastle North Stars 4-3
2013 Melbourne Icehouse, Melbourne Sydney Ice Dogs Newcastle North Stars 6–3
2014 Melbourne Icehouse, Melbourne Melbourne Mustangs Melbourne Ice 6-1
2015 Melbourne Icehouse, Melbourne Newcastle North Stars Melbourne Ice 3–2 (OT)
2016 Melbourne Icehouse, Melbourne Newcastle North Stars CBR Brave 2-1
2017 Melbourne Icehouse, Melbourne Melbourne Ice CBR Brave 4–1
2018 Melbourne Icehouse, Melbourne CBR Brave Sydney Bears 4–3 (OT)
2019 Hunter Ice Skating Stadium, Newcastle - - -


team # Trophies Years
Adelaide Adrenaline 1 2009
Adelaide Avalanche 2 2000, 2001
CBR Brave 1 2018
Melbourne Ice 4th 2010, 2011, 2012, 2017
Melbourne Mustangs 1 2014
Newcastle Northstars 6th 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2015, 2016
Sydney Bears 2 2002, 2007
Sydney Ice Dogs 2 2004, 2013

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