Osterburken station

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Train in Osterburken Station (April 1984)
Location in the network Crossing station
Platform tracks 4th
abbreviation TO
IBNR 8000295
Price range 4th
opening 1866
City / municipality Osterburken
country Baden-Württemberg
Country Germany
Coordinates 49 ° 25 '48 "  N , 9 ° 25' 22"  E Coordinates: 49 ° 25 '48 "  N , 9 ° 25' 22"  E
Railway lines
Railway stations in Baden-Württemberg
i11 i16 i16 i18

The station Osterburken is located at the Franconia Railway and the railway Neckarelz-Osterburken and is thus a railway junction . It is served by regional railways , regional express trains and the RheinNeckar S-Bahn .


The train station is located approx. 300 meters from the Osterburken city ​​center.


The Royal Württemberg State Railways (KWSt.E) opened the station in 1866 as the end point of the section from Heilbronn to Osterburken on the Lower Jagst and Neckar Railway , now part of the Frankenbahn. At the same time, the Mannheim - Würzburg ( Badische Odenwaldbahn ) line was opened.

At the end of March 1945 an “evacuation” train carrying concentration camp prisoners from Neckarelz concentration camp was parked in front of the site for three days. Nine people who were buried in a collective grave in the current old cemetery died, a memorial stone is there.

The S1 line of the RheinNeckar S-Bahn was opened for the 2003/2004 timetable change on December 14, 2003 . As part of the expansion of the S-Bahn, the platforms on tracks 1 (house platform ) and 3 ( stump track ) were made accessible to the disabled and provided with weather protection shelters. 140 meter long and 76 centimeter high platforms have since made it possible to board the S-Bahn trains at the same level, which generally use platform 1 almost exclusively.

Train traffic

Osterburken station is a railway junction in Baden . The Frankenbahn Stuttgart – Würzburg and the Neckarelz – Osterburken line , part of the Badische Odenwaldbahn , meet here. On the latter route, the city is the end of the line S1 of the RheinNeckar S-Bahn . After Würzburg and in the opposite direction to Heilbronn and Stuttgart associate regional express trains on. Regional trains with all stops on the way go to Lauda and via Heilbronn to Stuttgart. The S1 line provides a connection to Homburg in Saarland via Mosbach-Neckarelz , Eberbach , Heidelberg , Mannheim , Ludwigshafen , Neustadt (Weinstrasse) and Kaiserslautern . All lines run every hour. There are individual amplifier services in the direction of Heilbronn and Stuttgart as well as Mosbach.

Train type route Tact
RE 8 Würzburg  - Lauda  - Osterburken - Bad Friedrichshall  - Neckarsulm  - Heilbronn  - Bietigheim-Bissingen  - Ludwigsburg  - Stuttgart Hourly
RB 18 Osterburken - Möckmühl  - Bad Friedrichshall - Neckarsulm - Heilbronn - Bietigheim-Bissingen - Ludwigsburg - Stuttgart Hourly
RB 85 (Würzburg -) Lauda - Osterburken Hourly
S 1 Homburg (Saar)  - Kaiserslautern  - Neustadt (Weinstr)  - Schifferstadt  - Ludwigshafen (Rhine)  - Mannheim  - Heidelberg  - Eberbach  - Mosbach-Neckarelz  - Osterburken Hourly

Reception building

Built in the 1860s station building was approved by the Deutsche Bahn auctioned in 2014 and acquired by the municipality Osterburken at a price of 120,000 euros. It has a usable area of ​​around 1,090 square meters, and part of the building used by Deutsche Bahn is rented to them.

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