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Bernardus Paludanus 1629, by Hendrick Gerritsz Pot

Bernardus Paludanus , originally Berent ten Broecke , (born October 28, 1550 in Steenwijk , † April 3, 1633 in Enkhuizen ) was a Dutch scholar, botanist and doctor .


Paludanus came from a wealthy family and attended the collegiate school in his hometown and the Latin school in Zwolle . He likely studied in Germany before going to Italy and traveled to Poland, Lithuania, and Russia (Moscow) in 1577. He then went to Italy via Vienna and studied medicine in Padua from 1578 (with Girolamo Mercuriale ), where he received his doctorate in 1580. In 1579 he traveled from Venice to Tripoli, Syria, Palestine (Jerusalem) and Egypt. He then received the title of Knight of Jerusalem. After completing his doctorate , he traveled back to his home country via Germany. He visited Leonhard Rauwolf in Augsburg, visited Dresden, Nuremberg, Leipzig, was a doctor for the noble family Schönburg in Waldenburg , visited Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Baden, Heidelberg, Cologne and Strasbourg. There he learned that his parents and siblings had died of the plague and he hastened his return. Because of the turmoil of the war in his homeland, he traveled via Kassel, Braunschweig, Wolfenbüttel to Hamburg and from there by ship to Amsterdam and Steenwijk, which had suffered greatly from the siege of 1580 and the plague.

In 1581 he was appointed city doctor in Zwolle and from 1585 city doctor in Enkhuizen . He became known for his cabinet of curiosities ( natural objects cabinet ), which he had set up while traveling in Europe, Africa and Asia and which was a local attraction that also attracted foreigners. In 1591 he was called to Leiden , but at the urging of his fellow citizens he stayed in Enkhuizen (with a salary increase, which was temporarily canceled from 1600 to 1604). There it was called Ocellum urbis (eyeball of the city). In 1592 he visited London and in 1597 again toured Germany, where he visited Duke Heinrich Julius of Braunschweig and Landgrave Moritz of Hesse .

In 1596 he wrote additions to the travel report of Jan Huygen van Linschoten , with whom he was close friends in Enkhuizen. The navigator and cartographer Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer also belonged to this circle of friends in Enkhuizen .

His biography is in the description of the city of Enkhuizen by Brandt.

He was married three times. In 1583 he married Mechtelt van Twenhuizen (although the entry of the marriage shows that he had already changed from the Catholic to the Reformed faith at that time), and when she died soon afterwards, he married the captain's widow Cathrina Roberts in 1585. From this marriage he had eight children. After the death of his second wife, he remarried in 1618 (Hilleken ten Loo), but was soon widowed again. His will from 1628 has been preserved, according to which four of his children were still alive at that time (a son in East India and three married daughters).


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