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The Swiss Guard, the Pope's guard unit in Rome

Under guarding the fuse is meant an object.

Guard Targets

Watchtower , former Stasi detention center Berlin-Hohenschönhausen

As security subject a building or an object (be bodyguard border guards, -), a territory (territorial protection) customs inspection , City Guard - a person ( personal protection ) or a crowd ( event ) - Additions, parking, stage pit, escape routes, fire safety Guard , first responders guarded. The guarding tasks include access, passage and security controls (ensuring authorization ), checking security areas and restricted zones (excluding risk to self and others ) and / or covering endangered targets (ensuring security ).

Security measures


Guarding is usually supported by additional security measures, some of which fall into the general surveillance context . As a first option, structural security measures are used. This involves setting up barriers (fences, walls, protective doors) e.g. B. in buildings or military facilities. Another option is technical security. This is taken over by alarm systems or reporting systems. The last security measure is organizational security, which is carried out through personal identification and / or through locking systems.

The infrastructure includes locations in which security personnel perform security tasks of any kind or start from there. Access to guards is often even regulated by law. Examples are guard rooms ( guard rooms ) such as fire stations , police stations , ambulance stations or watchtowers .

In the case of extensive surveillance tasks, e.g. B. with different protection levels or access areas, the establishment of a management system may be necessary.

Security guards

Guard poster of the Swiss Army

Depending on the anticipated risk , surveillance can be carried out by a supervisor, for example by a night watchman , a security service or a security company (a civil body that offers security services), or the executive ( police , border guards, customs and similar administrative organizations) the military (with the military police being part of the executive) and / or by the anchor watch , which puts the watch unit at anchor on ships, including in civilian shipping. The securing of vacant buildings according to the principle of " guarding by occupancy " does not fall under this definition, as no active security measures are carried out.

Examples of legal regulations:

In Austria § 78 are in accordance with the Federal Constitution wax body responsible for guarding. Guard bodies are armed or uniformed civilian formations or formations that are otherwise set up according to a military model, to which police-related tasks have been assigned.

In Germany you have to take an examination for the certificate of competence according to § 34 a trade regulations in order to get a permit as security guard.

Guard service

Start of the guard, Chinese police force

The organizational security measures include:

  • Regulations on night shift , weekend shift, holiday shift
  • Guard plans to ensure uninterrupted staffing and surveillance - (1/3 on watch, 1/3 on standby, 1/3 in rest - civilian 1/4 on watch, on standby, in rest, in Vacation or sick)
  • Guard detachment in order of exhaustion of guards prevent, consideration of impediments such as extreme heat or cold
  • Half guard , replacing the half guard at halftime, each an "old" and "new" are on the guard


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