Bistrica e Pejës

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Bistrica e Pejës - Pećka Bistrica
The river in Peja

The river in Peja

location Kosovo
River system Buna
Drain over White Drin  → Drin  → Buna  → Adriatic
Source height 1900  m
muzzle in the White Drin coordinates: 42 ° 34 ′ 53 "  N , 20 ° 34 ′ 6"  E 42 ° 34 ′ 53 "  N , 20 ° 34 ′ 6"  E

length 62 km
Catchment area 505 km²
Medium-sized cities Peja

The Bistrica e Pejës ( Albanian  also  Lumbardh i Pejës , Serbian Пећка Бистрица Pećka Bistrica ) is a 62 kilometer long tributary of the White Drin in Kosovo . The river has a water catchment area of ​​505 square kilometers.



The river rises on the east side of the Mokra Planina mountain range, which is up to 1963 meters high, at an altitude of around 1900  m above sea level. NN near the border with Montenegro .

Rugova gorge

The Rugova Gorge is a gorge formed by the Bistrica. Over time, the river cut an impressive gorge that lies between the Žljeb and Koprivnik mountain ranges in the north and the Northern Albanian Alps in the south. The Rugova Gorge is 23 kilometers long and up to 1000 meters deep. The small village of Shtupeq i Vogël is the only settlement in the gorge.

Lower course

When it emerges from the mountains into the Dukagjin plain, it flows through the eponymous town of Peja (Peć), on the western edge of which is the Patriarchal Monastery of Peć in the valley of the river. The river continues to flow towards the southeast, where it joins many small rivers and streams from the neighboring mountain ranges of Halja , Miqat and Bogiçevica . It flows into the Drin south of Klina .


Bistrica means “clear water” in Serbian , which goes back to the proto-Slavic root * -bistr . The adjective Pećka stands for the town of Peć, which lies on the bank of the river.

The Albanian Lumbardh means white water .

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