Bohemond III. (Antioch)

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Bohemond III. (Antioch)

Bohemond III. of Antioch , called the stutterer , French Bohémond III d'Antioche le Bègue, (* 1144 ; † 1201 ), was prince of Antioch from 1163 to 1201.

He was the son of Constanze of Antioch and her first husband, Raymond of Poitiers .

Marriage and offspring

Bohemond was married a total of four times, each time to a woman who had been married before:

  • Around 1160 he married Irene Komnena ( Wilhelm of Tire calls her Theodora ) in Constantinople , a niece of the Byzantine emperor Manuel I. After his divorce, Bohemond sent her back to Constantinople. Irene's first husband is unknown. With Irene he had two daughters:
    • Constanze;
    • Philippa ⚭ Balduin / Balian from Patriarcha of Antioch, lived with him in Acre .
  • Between 1162 and 1166 to 1180 he married Orguilleuse von Harenc (Orzogliosa), the daughter of the Lord of Harenc, Rainald of Saint-Valery , the widow of Guillaume de Fresnel. After Collenberg, her brother was probably New Year's Eve from Poitiers. The marriage produced two sons:
    • Raymond IV († 1199), Count of Tripoli (1187-1189), Regent of Antioch (1193-1194);
    • Bohemond IV († 1233), Prince of Antioch (1201–1216, 1219–1233) and Count of Tripoli (1189–1233).
  • Between 1181 and 1199 he was married to Sibylle, mother of the Constable of Antiocha. With her he had a son and a daughter:
  • In 1199 he married Isabella von Farabel , a cousin of Beatrix von Diaspre, daughter of Gauthier von Surdeval (Le Dur or Laitor). Isabella had been divorced after her husband fell ill with leprosy. Collenberg assumes that Sybille and Isabella are identical. She became the mother of two sons and a daughter:


In 1164 he was captured by Nur ad-Din after he was ambushed with Konstantin Koloman, Raimund of Tripoli and Hugo of Lusignan in the Battle of Artah and brought to Aleppo in chains . However, he was released the following year after King Amalrich I had received the required ransom from Emperor Manuel I Komnenus .

In 1181 Bohemond left Orguilleuse to have a woman named Sibylle, a whore after the not always reliable Wilhelm of Tire . Pope Alexander III therefore reprimanded him with a bull and the Patriarch of Jerusalem excommunicated him, but Bohemond did not change his mind. The marriage was eventually recognized, presumably after his first two wives died. In 1193 Bohemond was captured by Leo I of Lesser Armenia in Baghras , brought to Smbat Sparapet with the help of his wife Sibylle, Leo's mother-in-law, and taken prisoner to Sis . On the mediation of King Henry of Jerusalem he was released in 1194 and the conflict with Leo I in 1195 through the marriage of Bohemond's son Raimund to Alix of Armenia, Leo's niece and daughter of Ruben III. , attached.


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