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Brigitte Blobel (born November 21, 1942 in Hamburg ) is a freelance German journalist and writer .

She grew up in Hamburg, studied theater studies and politics and worked in Frankfurt am Main as an editor for the Associated Press . Brigitte Blobel has been married to Wolfram Bickerich since 1990 . Since 1999 they have lived mostly on their small farm in Mallorca or Hamburg. She has two grown children from her first marriage.

In addition to her work as a freelance journalist and screenwriter , she writes books for young people and adults. Her youth books have already won several awards, for example her youth novel Between Bagdad and nowhere in 2007 received the Ulmer Unke youth book award .

In the two Enid Blyton books Five Friends on the Forbidden Island and Five Friends and the Blue Diamond , Brigitte Blobel is named as the translator; but apparently she wrote these books herself, as the English version does not exist (see also Five Friends # Brigitte Blobel ).

In the 1950s, the “Immenhof” films with Heidi Brühl and Angelika Meissner-Voelkner were box office hits. The movies from the 1970s, however, could not repeat the success. In 1994 the ZDF tried to establish a family series under the well-known "Immenhof" title based on scripts by Brigitte Blobel, but the content had nothing in common with the cinema films. The series was only moderately successful and had 19 episodes.

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