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Carl Lindman

Carl Axel Magnus Lindman (born April 6, 1856 in Halmstad ( Sweden ), † June 21, 1928 in Adolf Fredriks församling, Stockholms län ) was a Swedish botanist . His main work was the richly illustrated Flora Bilder ur Nordens Flora (1901–1905). Its botanical author's abbreviation is “ Lindm. "


Carl Lindman was the first child of Carl Christian Lindman and Sophie Fredrique Löhr. His father died before his sister was born. His mother and two children moved to Växjö in 1864 , where Carl Lindman attended elementary school. He had musical and artistic talents from an early age. At his mother's request, he abandoned an artistic career and studied botany and zoology at Uppsala University from 1874 . In 1884 he became a lecturer in botany. Two years later he received his doctorate in philosophy. From 1887 Carl Lindman worked as the Amanuensis of Anders Fredrik Regnell at the Swedish Natural History Museum in Stockholm . In summer he worked in the Bergius Botanical Garden and in winter as a lecturer in natural history and physics at Högre Latinläroverket , a high school in Stockholm. Together with Gustaf Malme , he received funding for a research trip to Brazil and Paraguay in 1892 . After the trip he returned to his position as a lecturer. From 1896 to 1900 he taught the sons of the Swedish Crown Prince (also the later Gustav V of Sweden ). During this time he worked on his work Pictures ur Nordens Flora . In 1905 Lindman became professor of botany at the Swedish Natural History Museum, in 1913 a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and in 1914 a member of the Kungliga Lantbruksakademien ( Royal Agricultural Academy ). He held the professorship until his retirement in 1923. Lindman wrote under the abbreviation “C. Lmn “numerous articles for the 2nd edition and the supplementary volumes of the Nordisk familjeboks .

He was married to Hedvig Elisabet (born Biller, March 7, 1874 - October 31, 1955) since December 29, 1894. She was a daughter of Tuve Olsson Biller and Hedvie Gustava (nee Lindell).


The plant genus Lindmania Mez from the bromeliad family (Bromeliaceae) is named after Lindman .

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