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Carsten Klook 2010 in the Brandshof

Carsten Klook (* 1959 in Hamburg ) is a German writer .


Carsten Klook grew up in Hamburg, but also spent some time in his childhood and youth in Rostock and Sellin on Rügen in the former GDR. He began to write his first texts as a teenager in the 1970s.

From 1980 Carsten Klook studied German at the University of Hamburg . During this time he wrote primarily about music and literature for the taz in Hamburg, later also for Szene Hamburg , the Hamburger Rundschau , Hamburger Morgenpost , tango, tempo and, specifically, literature, among others . The atmospheric reports on streets and places in Hamburg, which Klook a.o. a. wrote for the taz , were republished as an e-book in 2015. From 1991 he worked as an editor for various TV magazines. He processed the experiences from this time in the TV-Lounge story book . Klook was in contact with the first bands of the so-called Hamburger Schule and wrote articles about them ( Cpt. Kirk &. , Blumfeld ). Between 1989 and 1991 he was a member of the LiteraPur editorial team, which was headed by Jürgen Abel, and which also included Joachim Helfer , Mirko Bonné , Farhad Showghi and the artist Andreas Schwarz. From 1999 to 2002 he organized literary events (Intermediate I to V) in locations such as “Matrix” and “Rialto” in Hamburg. Between 2004 and 2010 he wrote literary and music reviews a. a. for the Financial Times Germany and Zeit online .

From the 1980s onwards, Klook worked as a guitarist in band projects in the Hamburg trash rock scene such as SisterSchwester, Taschen, Mohair and the Traveling Dylans.

A book with drawings and cartoons, which were created between 1983 and 2010, was published in 2011 by the “exception publisher Hamburg” under the title Tattoo Suggestions for Headbangers and Bedhangers .

After several stories and radio plays, his first novel Korrektor was published in 2005 .

From 2011 to September 2012 Klook belonged to the “Place des Gegen e. V ”, who looks after the estate of the artist Annette Wehrmann and in 2012 received the Edwin Scharff Prize of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. He is co-author of the literary magazine "Hammer + Veilchen" published by Günther Emig and Peter Engel .


  • Corrector (2005)

"Oh zack! and klong! and worked out. What kind of book from the eighties is being thrown over to us, into our present? How is the rage here against the language, against the words, against the grammar of history? Carsten Klook's novel "Korrektor" is the report of a sudden memory. A childhood in Hamburg-Billstedt . Remembrance as a protest against the father, the proofreader, and his motto: "What is not in the Duden, does not exist." This novel proves otherwise. The truth is not in the dictionary. The truth is in your head and in your own language. Words are movable. Life suddenly, dangerous and true against all the rules. ”( Volker Weidermann Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung , December 11, 2005)

"Scraps of text from popular music, 24-hour television and the garbage speech from advertisements race around the" allergic reactor ", the protagonist of the novel, immobile due to his asthma. With a sometimes highly artistic rhythmic language with an enormous range of associations, Klook rages against the high-rise world, converts the aggressions of the individual embedded in concrete into a sound of defense and survival. Some self-indulgent and overdriven passages are part of the high risk of such a narrative style, which attacks an almost exhausted topic of civilization criticism with innovative power. "(From the jury's statement for the sponsorship award of the Hamburg cultural authority in 1991)

Already with "Korrektor", his debut novel around 1990, it was obvious that Klook's verbal acrobatics (á la "Top secretions from the upper parts of the sky", "Unredeemed parentheses-to-parentheses-to-fates", or "Sunday drivers," to the Kerbstones the grinding marks of everyday life, they scrape themselves ") directly docks with the associative legacy of Arno Schmidt and indirectly continues his crooked penmanship." ( Lodown Magazine 58, Oct / Nov 2007)

  • TV lounge - domestic and international connections (2007)

“Klook has given his characters that nervous playful language that is just as fragile as the reality through which the characters move. Worrying snapshots from the reactor chamber of the present. "(Kuj, Kieler Nachrichten of August 15, 2007)

  • City under (2011)

"Word splatter moves and de-automated perception: Carsten Klook's novel" Stadt unter "is an amusing pleasure for fans of sophisticated wordplay in all facets as well as experimental prose." (Stella Hoffmann, No. 6, June 2012)

  • Berg & Jarka (2016)

“Klook's novels are often strongly autobiographical, even if they are fictionally embellished. They contain impressionistic, expressionistic as well as surrealistic elements and are usually not light material. The recurring themes and motifs include psychoses, abuse, fear and depression, childhood and adolescent traumas, the strange outside world and the perhaps even more strange inner life of over-treated types named Marc, Bernd or Rudolph-Martin. But no matter how sad or depressing it is sometimes: The stories are peppered with quiet jokes, funny fatalism, amusing psychedelics. ”(Michele Avantario in the daily newspaper , Nord edition, October 25, 2016)


  • Sleep in the urns - Diary of an alumni . Poems and prose miniatures. HörSpielFilm with pictures and sounds by Andreas Voß, DVD, Hamburg 2017.
  • Last Nights in Boohemia or The Toad's Black Eyes . Episodic novel. Textem Verlag, Hamburg 2017, ISBN 978-3-86485-165-0 .
  • Berg & Jarka . Romance novel. Print and e-book, 2016, ISBN 978-3-7412-1167-6 .
  • Psychocalypse or Waiting for Fu . Novel. Print and e-book, 2015, ISBN 978-3-7386-2193-8 .
  • Antibodies - 21 Dear Marauders . Poems and prose miniatures. Booklet with visual works by the artist Achim Beitz, ed. by Carl-Walter Kottnik, Hamburg 2015.
  • Hah - local surcharges, rigidity & scotomas . Article about Hamburg from the 1980s. Textem Verlag , e-book, Hamburg 2015.
  • Missie Allyra and the Strangers . Bad clothes. Radio play script. Textem Verlag, e-book, Hamburg 2015.
  • Proofreader . Audio book for the novel. creative talents / Institute for Internagut (Download), Hamburg 2014.
  • Reasons of being - 43 neuroses . Stories, scenes, portraits. Textem Verlag, Hamburg 2013, ISBN 978-3-86485-040-0 .
  • City under. Novel. Textem Verlag, Hamburg 2011, ISBN 978-3-941613-64-5 .
  • Tattoo suggestions for headbangers and bedhangers. Drawings and cartoons, exception publishing house, Hamburg 2011, ISBN 978-3-940992-20-8 .
  • Underground agreements. Prose miniatures, poems, radio play texts. 2009, ISBN 978-3-8370-4988-6 .
  • White trash. Short stories. klookbooks / Textem, Hamburg 2007, ISBN 978-3-938801-37-6 .
  • TV lounge. Stories. Textem Verlag, Hamburg 2007, ISBN 978-3-938801-25-3 .
  • Talk slalom. Audio pieces. CD, Gruenrekorder, Frankfurt 2006.
  • Proofreader. Novel. Textem Verlag, Hamburg 2005, ISBN 3-938801-03-4 .
  • Half a helping of cheers. Audio pieces. CD, Gruenrekorder, Frankfurt 2004.
  • Senna! Narrative. Textem Verlag, Hamburg 2004, ISBN 3-938801-07-7 .
  • The trip to Worpswede . Radio play. Radio Bremen 1993, directed by Christiane Ohaus

Awards and grants

  • 2007: Residence grant at the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg
  • 1991: Literature Prize of the City of Hamburg
  • 1987: Literature Prize of the City of Hamburg
  • 1985: 2nd place in the literary telephone competition of the Hamburg cultural authority

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Individual evidence

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