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The Künstlerhaus Lauenburg is an international scholarship holder of the State of Schleswig-Holstein for fine arts , literature and composition in the city of Lauenburg / Elbe . Since it was founded in 1986, over 120 scholarships have been awarded in the three fields of visual arts (since 1986), literature (since 1987) and composition (since 2010).


The Künstlerhaus goes back to the initiative of the former mayor of Lauenburg, Hauke ​​Matthießen, who recognized in the 1980s that the historic Lauenburg old town is a suitable place to live and work for artists. In 1986, at his instigation, the city acquired a historic building directly on the Elbe and awarded one-year grants for artists. At the end of the 1990s the scholarship period was shortened and from 2003 the city began to consider selling the house, which would have meant the end of the project.

In 2005, under the direction of Ulrike Mechau-Krasemann, the supporting association Künstlerhaus Lauenburg / Elbe eV was formed , which bought the building in 2009 and has been operating the Künstlerhaus ever since. The house is financed in a variety of ways: the state pays the four grants, the district assumes part of the operating costs and the city of Lauenburg pays an annual subsidy. The scholarship for composition is financed by the Lionsclub Herzogtum Lauenburg.


The house is housed in a historically significant building complex at Elbstraße 54, which was built around 1850. It was placed under monument protection in 1982. It shows typical features of the old shipping town of Lauenburg. The house served, among other things, as a pub ( Schreyersches Gasthaus ), was used by the adult education center for courses, served as a leisure center for Italian guest workers and was finally converted into a residential building before it received its current public function. Today there are four spacious artist apartments and studios, as well as a lounge and a gallery, on an area of ​​over 600 m².

The building has several branches. One is in the old harbor master's office at Lauenburg harbor. This is where the music grant recipients are housed. For the 25th anniversary of the Künstlerhaus in October 2011, the Lauenburg City Gallery was opened in Hagenström at Elbstraße 28 . The works of the scholarship holders can be exhibited, read and heard in this collection. Since 2011, the Künstlerhaus has also had a mini-gallery in the historic Brücken-Waage at the harbor, in which pictures are shown that were created in the children's studio of the Künstlerhaus.

Scholarship holders

Visual arts

  • 1986 Franny Petersen-Storck , Hans Gerhard Berge, Günther Westphal, Franziska Stubenrauch , Karl Madörin, Peter Mursch
  • 1987 Klaus Baumgartner, Udo Dettmann , Frank Radmacher, Uwe Rogal
  • 1988 Otto Beckmann , Detlef Morath, Jochen Schumann, Doris von Klopotek
  • 1989 Christine Becker, Christiane Baetcke, Susanne Jensen, Christoph Ruhz, Thomas Schittek, Friedhelm Schneider
  • 1990 Theo Koch-Giebel, Andreas Reinhard, Danae Mattes
  • 1991 Britta Hansen, Una H. Moehrke , Augustin M. Noffke, Norbert Wiener
  • 1992 Claudia Amelunxen, Arpad Dobriban, Antje Hassinger, Ulrich Panndorf
  • 1993 Menno Fahl , F. Jörg Haberland , Horst Hübsch , Matthias Leupold , Monika Meinold
  • 1994 Reinhold Engberding , Rudolf Ludewig, Maren Theel, Claudia Thoelen
  • 1995 Gagel, Theresia Janssen, Manfred Kiecol, Sabine Kramer
  • 1996 Ane Königsbaum, Jürgen Liefmann, Sylvia Stuhr, Frank Rosenthal
  • 1997 Gabriele Wendland, Ellen Sturm, Tobias Regensburger, Andrea Löhrke
  • 1998 Steen T. Kittl , Tomasz Paczewski , Heidemarie Ehlke, Raimund Driessen
  • 1999 Eren Aysegül, Katrin Jaquet, Iris Schomaker, Hannes Steinert
  • 2001 Miron Schmückle, Ute Storm, Mitko Tozev, Martin Wolke
  • 2002 Uschi Koch, Nana K. Schulz, Anne Staszkiewicz, Erdmute Prautzsch
  • 2003 Ulrike Ettinger, Nicolas Freitag, Kai Zimmer, Mathias Meyer
  • 2004 Patrick Fauck, Kyung-Hwa Choi-Ahoi, Nina Heinzel
  • 2005 Katharina Jesdinsky, Jan Meyer, Oh-Seok Kwon
  • 2006 Göran Gnaudschun, Ralf Hentrich , Lisa Haselbek
  • 2007 Eva Ammermann, Frank Bölter, Henrik Hold.
  • 2008 Je-Hun Choi, Jan Kromke, Youssef Tabti
  • 2009 Nándor Angstenberger. Nicole Schuck. Thomas Behling
  • 2010 Markus Hiesleitner, Akane Kimbara, Hendrik Lbody
  • 2011 Eunyeon Yang,, Heiko Wommelsdorf
  • 2012 Katrin Pieczonka , Verena Issel , Carolin Schreier
  • 2013 Chris Bierl, Lily Wittenburg, Sandy Volz
  • 2014 Anneli Schütz, Jimok Choi, Paul Sochaki
  • 2015 Anna-Lena Grau, Almut Middel, Björn Siebert
  • 2016 Janine Eggert, Christian Helwing, Benjamin Zuber
  • 2017 Danill Galkin, Anja Gerecke, Dagmar Weiss
  • 2018 Katarína Dubovská, Harald Popp, Peter Strickmann
  • 2019 Fumiko Kikuchi, Sophia Mainka, Lucia Sotnikova
  • 2020 Yeongbin Lee, Fritjof Mangerich, Susanne Mewing



  • 2010 Minkyong Kim, Tobias Klich
  • 2011 Daniel Moreira, Noriko Kawakami
  • 2012 Benjamin Weidekamp
  • 2013 Frank Gratkowski
  • 2014 Abel Paul
  • 2015 Cheng-Wen Chen
  • 2016 Donny Karsadi
  • 2017 Thierry Tidrow
  • 2018 Elvira Garifzyanova
  • 2019 Farzia Fallah
  • 2020 Areum Lee

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