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Charles Stark Draper Prize Medal

The Charles Stark Draper Prize is awarded biennially by the United States National Academy of Engineering , annually between 2001 and 2015, to engineers whose skills have contributed significantly to the advancement of technical development, the reputation of engineering, the quality of life or promote access to information.

The award, which comes with a cash prize of $ 500,000, is named after Charles Stark Draper , MIT professor and founder of the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory (now Draper Laboratory), who is considered the "father of the inertial navigation system ".

Award winners

year person power
1989 Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce Development of the monolithic integrated circuit (independent of each other)
1991 Sir Frank Whittle and Hans Joachim Pabst von Ohain Development of the jet engine (independent of each other)
1993 John W. Backus Development of Fortran , one of the first high-level programming languages
1995 John R. Pierce and Harold A. Rosen Development of communications satellite technology
1997 Vladimir Haensel Invention of platforming
1999 Charles K. Kao , Robert D. Maurer , and John B. MacChesney Development of fiber optic cables
2001 Vinton G. Cerf , Robert E. Kahn , Leonard Kleinrock, and Lawrence G. Roberts Development of the Internet
2002 Robert Langer Biotechnical basics of new types of application of drugs
2003 Ivan A. Getting and Bradford W. Parkinson Development of the Global Positioning System
2004 Alan Kay , Butler Lampson , Robert W. Taylor, and Charles P. Thacker Development of the Xerox Alto , the first personal computer
2005 Minoru S. Araki , Francis J. Madden , Edward A. Miller , James W. Plummer, and Don H. Schoessler Design, development and operation of Corona , the first earth observation system in space
2006 Willard S. Boyle and George E. Smith Invention of the CCD chip , the light-sensitive component of digital cameras
2007 Tim Berners-Lee Development of the World Wide Web
2008 Rudolf Kálmán Development of the Kalman filter
2009 Robert H. Dennard Invention and further development of the DRAM
2010 not awarded
2011 Frances H. Arnold and Willem Stemmer for their contributions to directed evolution , a process that allows the creation of certain properties in proteins and cells to be controlled.
2012 T. Peter Brody , George H. Heilmeier , Wolfgang Helfrich and Martin Schadt for their contributions to the development of liquid crystal displays (LCD).
2013 Martin Cooper , Joel S. Engel , Richard H. Frenkiel , Thomas Haug and Yoshihisa Okumura for their pioneering work on the world's first mobile network , its system and its standards.
2014 John Goodenough , Yoshio Nishi , Rachid Yazami and Akira Yoshino for their contributions to the development of the lithium-ion battery.
2015 Isamu Akasaki , George Craford , Russell Dupuis , Nick Holonyak and Shuji Nakamura for the invention, development and commercialization of materials and processes for light emitting diodes .
2016 Andrew J. Viterbi for his development of the Viterbi algorithm and its application in the field of wireless digital communication and speech recognition
2018 Bjarne Stroustrup for the concept and development of the programming language C ++
2020 Jean Fréchet , C. Grant Willson for the invention, development and commercialization of chemically reinforced materials for micro- and nanofabrication, which made the extreme miniaturization of microelectronic devices possible

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