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Christian Friedrich Scherenberg (born May 5, 1798 in Stettin , † September 9, 1881 in Zehlendorf ) was a German poet .


Scherenberg was the son of a businessman and was supposed to learn his father's trade first, but was then allowed to attend high school in Stettin. In 1817 he went to Berlin without his father's knowledge , where he especially joined the Dresden court actor Friedrich Wilhelm Porth . This warmed him up for the profession of actor . He did his training with Pius Alexander Wolff . Then he took a job in a Magdeburg traveling theater troupe. After his marriage in 1821 he worked as a businessman. After his marriage failed in 1838, he left Magdeburg and went back to Berlin with his children. Here he was dependent on copying and private tutoring. But his situation improved when Louis Schneider introduced him to the ' tunnel over the Spree ' in 1840 . Now he found mediation for the printing of his poems and great recognition for his patriotic epics about the battles of Ligny and Waterloo .

Thereupon he got a job in the Prussian Ministry of War in 1845 , where he left again in 1854 after difficulties with his 'tunnel colleague' and superior Heinrich Smidt and received a three-year pension of 300 thalers from the king. For later works he received a pension from Crown Prince Friedrich .

Scherenberg's acquaintances and critical admirers included two important writers of the younger, "realistic" generation who were by no means close to the Prussian court, fellow class members Gottfried Keller and Theodor Fontane . Fontane paid tribute to the poet by having some of his memoirs appear in 1884 under the title Christian Friedrich Scherenberg and the literary Berlin from 1840 to 1860 .

The painter and illustrator Hermann Scherenberg was his younger half-brother, the poet Ernst Scherenberg was his nephew.


  • Poems, 1845
  • Ligny (verse epic), 1849
  • Waterloo (Versepos), 1849
  • Leuthen (verse epic), 1852
  • Abukir, the Battle of the Nile (Versepos), 1855
  • Hohenfriedberg (Versepos), 1868


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