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Christian Maintz (2014)

Christian Maintz (born November 5, 1958 in Hamburg ) is a German author, literary and media scholar.

life and work

Christian Maintz was born and raised in Hamburg. He studied German, philosophy and theater studies in Munich and Hamburg . After many years as a research assistant at the Universities of Hamburg and Mainz , he now lives as a freelance author and lecturer in Hamburg. His younger brother is the cellist Jens Peter Maintz .

Christian Maintz has come out particularly with comic poetry ; In addition to his own work, he has published several relevant anthologies on this genre. Maintz 'poems are often compared by literary criticism with the works of German comic classics such as Wilhelm Busch , Christian Morgenstern and Robert Gernhardt . Christian Maintz often performs in a duet at reading events with partners such as Harry Rowohlt (2006 to 2012), Barbara Auer , Nina Petri , Peter Lohmeyer , Gustav Peter Wöhler and others. a. on. In addition to his literary texts, he also publishes film and literary studies as well as journalistic works. He is a board member of the Brückner-Kühner Foundation .

Jochen Schimmang wrote about his volume of poems Liebe in Lokalen : “There isn't a single poem that stumbles somewhere or whose end rhyme is desperately sought out from the rhyming dictionary; everything interlocks with great elegance ”.

Publications (selection)

  • Christian Maintz (Ed.): Dear God, you are the boss, amen! Your rhinoceros. Funny German-language poems of the 20th century. Zurich: Sanssouci, 2000.
  • Christian Maintz / Oliver Möbert / Matthias Schumann (eds.): Schaulust. Theater and film - history and intermediality. Münster, Hamburg, London: LIT, 2002.
  • Harry Rowohlt & Christian Maintz: Dear God, you are the boss, amen, your rhinoceros. Live in Barmbek. Audiobook (double CD). Zurich: No & But, 2009.
  • Christian Maintz (Ed.): Kindlein, Ochs und Eselein. Funny Christmas poems. Zurich: No & But, 2009.
  • Christian Maintz (Hrsg.): Comical love poems. Zurich: No & But, 2010.
  • Harry Rowohlt and Christian Maintz: You don't know what your own spit tastes like. Texts by Joachim Ringelnatz. Live in Eppendorf. Audiobook (double CD). Zurich: No & But, 2010.
  • Christian Maintz: love in bars. Poems. Munich: Antje Kunstmann, 2016, ISBN 978-3-95614-093-8 .
  • Christian Maintz (Ed.): We want to sing about dumplings. Culinary poems. Munich: Antje Kunstmann, 2018, ISBN 978-3-95614-256-7


  • 2002 Wilhelm Busch Prize for humorous poetry, Stadthagen (1st prize)
  • 2005 Wilhelm Busch Prize for humorous poetry, Stadthagen (2nd prize)
  • 2008 Audience Award of the Menantes Prize, Wandering Life
  • 2009 Wilhelm Busch Prize, Stadthagen
  • 2016 SWR2 "Book of the Week" from June 20, 2016 ( Love in Locals )


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