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Jochen Schimmang during an interview at the Erlanger Poetenfest 2009

Jochen Schimmang (born March 14, 1948 in Northeim ) is a German writer , radio play author and translator .


Schimmang spent his youth in Leer (East Friesland) . From 1969 to 1974 he studied political science and philosophy at the Free University of Berlin . From 1977 he taught German as a foreign language at various locations , and has been a freelance writer since 1993 . He lived for a long time in Cologne , in Paris and his hometown Leer, and currently (2019) in Oldenburg . In 1996/97 he was poet in residence at the University of Essen , and in 2000/2001 he was a visiting professor at the German Literature Institute in Leipzigtrue. Schimmang is a member of the PEN Center Germany and the German Marcel Proust Society . He has been on the road several times with author readings for the Goethe-Institut , for example in Northern England and Northern Ireland (Belfast) in 1988, in the Netherlands in 1996 and in Russia in 2013.

His works, some of which are autobiographically tinged, which, with their psychologizing narrative style, can be assigned to the literature of the New Inwardness , used to often focus on the male single existence of the present. Since his first novel, Schimmang has been regarded as a seismographic chronicler of the state of life and social trends in the Federal Republic. The radio plays created for Radio Bremen are in Low German , those realized with WDR in Standard German. As a flaneur , he dedicated his own volume of essays to the city ​​of Cologne in 1998 , Familiar Grounds, Occupied City , in which he explained why he had to move away because of too many memories. As a literary critic, Schimmang also reviews books, for example for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung or for the daily newspaper .


Radio plays

  • Shallows. WDR 1994.
  • The voices of Nienbeck. WDR 1999.
  • Biller from tohus. Radio Bremen 2004 - Zons Radio Play Award 2005.
  • A painter struggles well. Radio Bremen 2005.
  • Dood in't watts. Radio Bremen 2007.
  • Old border. WDR 2007.
  • De Husmeester. Radio Bremen 2007.
  • Een Füerpüster. Radio Bremen 2009.
  • De Fru in'n Daak. Radio Bremen 2010.
  • Dump truck. Radio Bremen 2012.
  • So or anners. Radio Bremen 2014.
  • The raftsman . SWR 2015.
  • The lighted city belongs to others . WDR 2016.
  • Art theft in Angeloh. Radio Bremen 2017 .
  • Peter Petersen is unbelievable. Radio Bremen 2017
  • De Saak with the mayor. Radio Bremen 2019


  • with Christel Göbelsmann: love stories. Frankfurt am Main 1982.
  • Cologne, looks. Cologne 1998.
  • Central outskirts. Cologne 2002.


  • Josephine Tey : Waiting for Death. DuMont, Cologne 2003.
  • Janet Gleeson: The Broken Ring. Knaus, Munich 2004.
  • Janet Gleeson: The emerald necklace. Knaus, Munich 2005.
  • Gilbert Adair : Murder on Ffolkes Manor. CH Beck, Munich 2006.
  • Gilbert Adair: A Classy Murder in Elstree. CH Beck, Munich 2007.
  • Gilbert Adair: And then there was no more. CH Beck, Munich 2008.
  • Gilbert Adair: Buenas Noches, Buenos Aires. CH Beck, Munich 2010.
  • Gabriel Josipovici : Moo Pak. Suhrkamp, ​​Berlin 2010.
  • Import, export democracy: 20 years of promoting democracy in Eastern and Southeastern Europe and the Caucasus. ed. from the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin 2010.
  • Eli Gottlieb: Best Boy. CH Beck, Munich 2016.
  • Sebastian Faulks: The great madness. mareverlag, Hamburg 2017.



  • Geertje Oldermann: At home in Jochen Schimmang's work. Master thesis. 2003.
  • Matthias Keidel: The return of the strollers. Königshausen and Neumann, Würzburg 2006, pp. 149 - 168.

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