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Claire Voisin (born March 4, 1962 in Saint-Leu-la-Forêt ) is a French mathematician who deals with algebraic geometry .

Claire Voisin at IHÉS , 2007


Voisin studied from 1981 at the École normal supérieure de jeunes filles in Sèvres and received his doctorate in 1986 under Arnaud Beauville . At the age of 24 she became a scientist at the CNRS , where she is now Director of Research at the Institut de mathématiques de Jussieu at the University of Paris VI (Pierre et Marie Curie) . From 2012 to 2014 she was a part-time professor at the École Polytechnique and a member of the Laurent Schwartz Mathematics Center. She is a professor at the Collège de France and was, among other things, visiting professor at the University of La Sapienza in Rome (1996).

Voisin dealt with complex algebraic geometry, including Kähler manifolds , variation of Hodge structures on algebraic varieties and mirror symmetry . Her two-volume textbook on Hodge theory became a standard work. It solved the Kodaira problem (that is, it gave counterexamples to the Kodaira conjecture) and the Mark Green conjecture , both long unsolved problems of algebraic geometry.

In 1992 Voisin received the EMS Prize of the European Mathematical Society , in 1996 the Servant Prize of the French Academy of Sciences , in 2003 the Sophie Germain Prize of the French Academy of Sciences, in 2007 the Ruth Lyttle Satter Prize and in 2008 the Clay Research Award (for their solution to the Kodaira problem). In 1988 she received the bronze medal and in 2006 the silver medal of the CNRS . In 1994 she was invited speaker at the ICM in Zurich (Variations of Hodge structure and algebraic cycles), gave a plenary lecture at the European Congress of Mathematicians in 2004 ( Recent Progress in Kähler and Complex Algebraic Geometry ) and gave a plenary lecture at the ICM in Hyderabad in 2010 ( On the cohomology of algebraic varieties ).

She has been a member of the Académie des sciences since 2008, of the Leopoldina since 2009 and of the Academia Europaea since 2014 . In 2011 she was elected an external member of the Accademia dei Lincei and in 2012 she was made an honorary member of the London Mathematical Society . In 2016 she was elected to the National Academy of Sciences and received the Médaille d'or du CNRS , and in 2017 the Shaw Prize for Mathematics. For 2019 she was awarded the UNESCO L'Oréal Prize .

Claire Voisin is married to Jean-Michel Coron and has five children.


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