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The DS-Pokal was a one-time soccer cup competition in the GDR that was held in the summer of 1950 in parallel with the FDGB cup . It was organized by the German Sports Committee ("DS") for the sports communities that were founded directly after the Second World War for specific locations or districts and that had not yet joined the system of company sports associations. The company sports associations or central sports associations, which were sponsored by one or more companies, as well as the teams of the People's Police , took part in the FDGB Cup, which was held at the same time .

In the following year, 1951, no republic-wide cup competition was held in the GDR. From 1952 onwards, only the FDGB Cup was played, in which all football clubs in the GDR now took part regardless of their status.

National cup rounds

From June 1950, regional cup winners were determined first in the then GDR countries and in East Berlin .


The sports communities from East Berlin were divided into eight groups, which in June 1950 determined the eight quarter-finalists in rounds of points. In the quarter-finals on August 6, 1950, the following games took place:

In the semifinals on August 20, 1950, SG Union Oberschöneweide defeated Adlershofer BC 4-0 and SG Friedrichsfelde defeated VfB Pankow 3-2.

In the final the SG Union Oberschöneweide beat SG Friedrichsfelde on August 23, 1950 with 5: 1.


The state cup winner in Mecklenburg was also on August 23, 1950, SG Vorwärts Wismar with a 4-1 victory over SG Ueckermünde .


The regional cup winner in the state of Brandenburg was SG Eintracht Mögelin, who beat SG Union Fürstenwalde 3-2 on August 19, 1950 in Babelsberg .


The state winner in Saxony-Anhalt was SG Zahna with a 2-1 victory over SG Bornitz.


The SG Markkleeberg won the state cup in Saxony .


The regional cup winner in Thuringia was SG Lauscha on August 20, 1950 after a 9-1 away win at SG Schmerbach.


While the state cup winners from Berlin and Mecklenburg made it to the semi-finals immediately, the representatives of Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia had to contest a qualifying round. The following meetings took place on August 23, 1950:

  • SG Markkleeberg - SG Eintracht Mögelin
  • SG Zahna - SG Lauscha

SG Eintracht Mögelin and SG Lauscha emerged victorious from these games and completed the semi-finals.


date Result
August 27, 1950 SG Lauscha 3: 1 SG Markkleeberg
August 30, 1950 SG Forward Wismar 3: 1 (2: 0) SG Union Oberschöneweide


According to contemporary press reports, both teams were not in top form in the final on September 2, 1950 in Erfurt and only showed average performances. The only goal of the game was scored by the Lauscha center forward Hähnlein after a misunderstanding in the Wismar defense. The Lauscha player Büchner missed a penalty ten minutes before the end.

pairing SG Lauscha - SG Forward Wismar
Result 1: 0 (0: 0)
date Saturday, September 2, 1950
Stadion Georgij Dimitroff Stadium , Erfurt
spectator 5,000
referee Jordan ( Berlin )
Gates 1: 0 chicken (65th)
SG Lauscha Otto Weigelt - Ludwig Köhler, Oskar Büchner - Ernst Beck, Rudolf Schellhammer, Arno Greiner - Hermann Gropp, Heinz Leib , Werner Hähnlein, Alfred Jäger, Werner Knabner
SG Forward Wismar Strictly - Nowack, Rosenow - Karl-Heinz Röper, Hans Reincke , Henning - Martens, Schlorff, Daniel Rauch , Herbert Hirschberger, Herbert Holtfreter

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