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The red frame marks the small picture format within the image circle of a small picture lens (also called FX format ), the blue the DX format

The DX format is a size format for image sensors in digital SLR cameras from the Japanese manufacturer Nikon .

The DX format was introduced with the Nikon D1 in 1999. At around 23.7 mm × 15.6 mm, it is smaller than the 35mm format and also differs from the formats previously used for digital SLR cameras. It is often referred to in a somewhat imprecise way as the APS-C format.

A format factor must be taken into account because the format is smaller than that of the small picture . This is usually given as 1.5 for the DX format. The actual formats of the sensors vary slightly, see table below:

Cameras format Format factor
D1, D1H, D1X , D40 , D50 , D70, D70s , D100 23.7 mm x 15.6 mm 1.525
D2H, D2Hs 23.3 mm x 15.5 mm 1.546
D2X, D2Xs 23.7 mm x 15.7 mm 1.522
D40X , D60 , D80 , D90 , D200 , D300 , D300s , D3000 , D5000 , D5100 , D5200 , D5300 , D7000 , D7100 23.6 mm x 15.8 mm 1.523
D3100 23.1 mm x 15.4 mm 1.558
D3200 23.2 mm x 15.4 mm 1.554
D3300 , D3400 , D5200 , D5500 , D5600 , D7200 23.5 mm x 15.6 mm 1.534
D500 , D7500 23.5 mm x 15.7 mm 1.531

Since some of the sensors are also used for digital cameras from Pentax , Konica Minolta and Sony , the DX format has in fact become the standard for these manufacturers too. However, it is not referred to there as a DX format.

In 2002 Nikon was the first manufacturer to introduce special lenses for the smaller sensor format, the DX Nikkor lenses . These are designed for the reduced image circle and sometimes show considerable vignetting (edge ​​shading) when used on 35mm cameras . When using DX lenses on full-frame cameras , a smaller sensor section can automatically be used.

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