The secret of the blind master

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German title The secret of the blind master
Original title Circle of Iron
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1978
length 102 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Richard Moore
script Stirling Silliphant
Stanley Man
production Sandy Howard
Paul Maslansky
Steve Grolin
Richard R. St. Johns
music Bruce Smeaton
camera Ronnie Taylor
cut Ernest Walter

The Secret of the Blind Master (original title: Circle of Iron , also known as The Silent Flute ) is an American fantasy film from 1978. The film was never released in Germany and was first shown on October 31, 1986 on television .


The warrior Cord is looking for the book of wisdom that is in the possession of the legendary Zetan. While traveling in an exotic world that is culturally a mixture of East Asia and an ancient Europe, he repeatedly encounters the mysterious blind master who carries a large bamboo flute with him.


The lexicon of international films describes the work as a “spooky fantasy film with kung fu elements and ironic Far Eastern wisdom” and says: “Whether the weird comedy of the story is intended cannot always be determined with certainty. "


  • The film was nominated for the 1978 Saturn Award in the Best Foreign Film category.
  • The film is based on a script by Bruce Lee , who originally wanted to shoot the film in India with James Coburn . Years after Bruce Lee's death, the story (modified slightly) was finally filmed in the desert areas of Israel . However, according to Bruce's wife, Linda Lee Cadwell , the film was far from what Bruce had imagined.
  • In addition to the blind master, David Carradine plays three other roles, an ape-man, a nomad king and death - all four roles were supposed to be played in Bruce Lee 's original project .

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