Delaware Colony

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Province of Pennsylvania borders 1681–1776

The Delaware Colony ( 1664 - 1776 ) was one of the Thirteen Colonies in North America , in which 1776 United States Declaration of Independence from the mother country Britain renounced.


In 1664, shortly before the start of the second Anglo-Dutch naval war , the Dutch colony of Nieuw Amsterdam was conquered by the British. In the Peace of Breda in 1667 the Netherlands ceded the area of ​​the later Delaware Colony to England. In the Peace of Westminster in 1674, the area finally fell to the British Crown. From 1681 the area of ​​the later Delaware Colony was part of the Province of Pennsylvania . The residents of Delaware achieved self-government within the province of Pennsylvania in 1702, with New Castle as its seat . The three counties of Delaware only broke away from Pennsylvania two months after the declaration of independence in 1776 and declared themselves an independent state. The first capital was New Castle until it was moved to Dover in 1777 .

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