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New York Province boundaries between 1664 and 1777

The Province of New York ( 1664 - 1776 ) ( English : Province of New York , Dutch : Provincie New York ) was one of the thirteen colonies in North America that separated from motherland Great Britain in the Declaration of Independence of the United States in 1776 . It came about after the Dutch colony Nieuw Nederland was taken by the Kingdom of England .


The province of New York completely encompassed the present American state of New York . At first it also included the areas of today's states of New Jersey , Delaware and Vermont , as well as parts of Connecticut , Massachusetts and Maine . The province was given its new name after the conquest in honor of James , Duke of York and brother of the then English King Charles II.


In 1664, shortly before the start of the second Anglo-Dutch naval war , Nieuw Amsterdam was conquered by the British. In the Peace of Breda in 1667 the Netherlands ceded the colony to England. In the Third Anglo-Dutch War , the colony was occupied again for 15 months by the Dutch under Cornelis Evertsen , but finally fell to the British crown in the Peace of Westminster in 1674. The Stamp Act and other measures sparked popular resentment, and the Sons of Liberty fought against the British between 1766 and 1776. New York was actively involved in the independence movement. In 1776, the Congress of the Province of New York declared itself to administer the State of New York and thus renounced Great Britain . The city of New York was George Washington's headquarters for a short time . A year later he passed the New York State Constitution . The city of New York and other parts of the province were then occupied by the British . It was not until 1783, after American independence was recognized by European states including Great Britain, that the British withdrew. The last British military governor of the province was Andrew Elliot in 1783.


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