Trancas Department

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Trancas Department (Tucumán - Argentina) .png
Location of Trancas in Tucumán (Argentina)
Capital Trancas
population 15,473
surface 2,862 km²
Population density 5.4 inhabitants / km²
Other cities Choromoro

San Pedro de Colalao Tapia

The Trancas department is located in the north of the Tucumán Province in northwest Argentina and is one of 17 administrative units in the province. It borders the province of Salta to the west and north , the department Burruyacú to the east, the department Tafí Viejo to the south and the department Tafí del Valle to the southeast . The Trancas Department has an area of ​​2,862 km² with 15,473 inhabitants (2001, INDEC ). The population density is 5.4 inh / km². The capital of the department also bears the name Trancas .

According to legend, the name Trancas comes from a Quilmes warrior named Chancas who accompanied San Francisco Solano on his missionary journeys through the northwest.

The Trancas department was shaken on January 19, 1826 at 8 a.m. by an earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was at a depth of 30 m at the coordinates 26 ° 11'59 "S, 65 ° 15'0" W.

The cacique of the Diaguita and human rights activist Javier Chocobar was in October 12, 2009 Chuschagasta murdered, a settlement in Trancas.

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Individual evidence

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Coordinates: 26 ° 12 ′  S , 65 ° 18 ′  W