Detlev von Ahlefeldt (1617–1686)

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Detlev von Ahlefeldt (born February 20, 1617 in Gelting , † November 25, 1686 in Hamburg ) was a Danish officer , diplomat and writer .

Detlev von Ahlefeldt


He was the son of Benedikt von Ahlefeldt (1593–1634) and Christia von Ahlefeldt (born (also) von Ahlefeldt) (1589–1645), the granddaughter of Detlev von Ahlefeldt on Osterrade and Haseldorf. He made several long trips abroad and studied for three years at the University of Paris and visited England, Italy and Switzerland. In 1640 he took over the Haselau, Haseldorf and Kaden estates . Four years later he became a captain in the Danish army. In 1648 he was appointed colonel after the Landgravine von Hessen-Kassel had been in the service of the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel after the peace with Sweden. In 1648 he was adopted into retirement. He then lived in Hamburg for a few years, where he studied historical and philosophical studies. In 1651 he was appointed district administrator by the Danish king and in 1652 he became a bailiff in Flensburg . Five years later he became General War Commissioner and was entrusted with several diplomatic missions. In 1680 he retired and spent his last years in Hamburg. His memoirs were later published by Louis Bobé and H. Höhnk ​​and are among the most important of the German memoir literature of the 17th century.

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