German Society for Chronometry

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German Society for Chronometry
legal form registered association
founding 1949
Seat Nuremberg
Members about 1200

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chronometrie eV (DGC) is a scientific specialist society for time measurement technology based in Nuremberg .

tasks and goals

The purpose of the company is the scientific maintenance of time measurement technology , in particular clock technology and related fields of precision and micro technology as well as the technical history of time measurement devices and processes, the research and maintenance of historical timekeepers .

These tasks are carried out within the company in specialist and regional circles.

The society issues a publication in the form of a yearbook and informs the members quarterly through the "DGC-Mitteilungen" about meetings, conferences, events and news.


After the Second World War , the West German watch industry , which had its focus in the Black Forest and the Pforzheim area, was hit hard. With the aim of supporting them through research and development , the "German Society for Chronometry" was founded in 1949 as a scientific society for watch technology, timekeeping and precision mechanics .

Today, after the “old” German watch industry has practically disappeared, the historical-scientific expert group “Friends of old watches”, founded in 1960, is the focus of the DGC. The members come from the circle of collectors and watchmakers , from industry, science and museums. They meet at the annual general meetings, the meetings of the specialist groups, in various regional circles and on excursions to the "clock shops" around the world.

The office and the extensive library have been located in the historic library hall of the former trade museum since 2002 . The Karl Gebhardt clock collection is housed in the same building.

Expert and regional circles

Expert circles

Regional districts

Sister organizations

The large organizations with similar goals are:

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