Dick's Picks Volume 12

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Dick's Picks Volume 12
Live album by Grateful Dead


October 1998

Label (s) Grateful Dead Records

Genre (s)

Folk rock , country rock , psychedelic rock

Title (number)


running time

204: 48



Bill Candelario

Dick's Picks Volume 11 (1998) Dick's Picks Volume 12 Dick's Picks Volume 13 (1999)

Dick's Picks Volume 12 is a Live - triple album of the band Grateful Dead .


The songs of the twelfth album from the Dick's Picks series were recorded on June 26, 1974 at the Providence Civic Center in Providence , Rhode Island , and on June 28, 1974 in the Boston Garden in Boston , Massachusetts , and in October 1998 with their own record label Grateful Dead Records released.

The concerts took place as part of the promotional tour for the album Grateful Dead from the Mars Hotel . For this, the songs US Blues , Scarlet Begonias and Ship of Fools were used at these performances. For the follow-up album Blues for Allah , however, no songs were rehearsed. In contrast, Row Jimmy , Eyes of the World and Weather Report Suite used several songs from the pre-album Wake of the Flood . The Providence Civic Center performed the song Other One Jam for the first time in six years . The last time before the song was played on June 19, 1968. The song Jam from June 28th contains the song Dark Star as well as Space , with which the free improvisations of the musicians were designated.

Bill Candelario, who last produced Dick's Picks Volume 7 for the band, was responsible for the production of the album . From June 16, 1974 to June 17, 1975, the avant-garde keyboarder Ned Lagin accompanied the band and wrote the song Seastones with Phil Lesh during that time , which he later released on an album of the same name in 1975.

Only songs from the second sets of the respective evenings were used for the CDs. The first CD starts with the third song of the second set on June 26th and contains the rest of the setlist. The second CD starts with the encore on June 26th and continues with the second set from June 28th, which can also be heard on the third CD.

The name Dick's Pick comes from the official recording archivist of the band Dick Latvala , who started the series and selected the songs for it until his death in 1999.

Like the previous albums in the Dick's Pick series, this one also has a caveat emptor warning:

" This release was digitally mastered directly from the original half track 7.5 ips analog tape. It is a snapshot of history, not a modern professional recording, and may therefore exhibit some minor technical anomalies and the unavoidable effects of the ravages of time. "


In general, Dick's Picks Volume 12 received good reviews. From All Music Guide Album 4 received from Rolling Stone 4 and from The Music Box 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Track list

CD 1

All songs are from June 26th

  1. Jam (Grateful Dead) - 2:29
  2. China Cat Sunflower ( Garcia , Hunter ) - 11:24
  3. Mind Left Body Jam (Grateful Dead) - 1:39
  4. I Know You Rider (traditional song) - 6:11
  5. Beer Barrel Polka (Lew Brown, Wladimir Timm, Jaromír Vejvoda , Vaclav Zeman) - 1:07
  6. Truckin ' (Garcia, Hunter, Lesh , Weir ) - 11:05
  7. Other One Jam (Grateful Dead) - 3:06
  8. Spanish Jam (Grateful Dead) - 15:13
  9. Wharf Rat (Garcia, Hunter) - 9:50
  10. Sugar Magnolia (Hunter, Weir) - 9:52

CD 2

Track one from June 26th, tracks 2-8 from June 28th

  1. Eyes of the World (Garcia, Hunter) - 11:45
  2. Seastones (Lagin, Lesh) - 4:52
  3. Sugar Magnolia (Hunter, Weir) - 6:12
  4. Scarlet Begonias (Garcia, Hunter) - 9:30
  5. Big River ( Johnny Cash ) - 5:43
  6. To Lay Me Down (Garcia, Hunter) - 8:23
  7. Me & My Uncle ( John Phillips ) - 3:17
  8. Row Jimmy (Garcia, Hunter) - 8:16

CD 3

All songs are from June 28th

  1. Weather Report Suite (Anderson, Barlow , Weir) - 14:34
  2. Jam (Grateful Dead) - 27:53
  3. US Blues (Garcia, Hunter) - 9:40
  4. Promised Land ( Chuck Berry ) - 3:01
  5. Goin 'Down the Road Feeling Bad (traditional song) - 8:23
  6. Sunshine Daydream (Hunter, Weir) - 4:45
  7. Ship of Fools (Garcia, Hunter) - 6:38

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