The super ripper

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German title The super ripper
Original title Private resort
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1985
length 82 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director George Bowers
script Gordon Mitchel
production Don Enright
R. Ben Efraim
music Bill Wray
camera Adam Greenberg
cut Sam Pollard

The Super Aufreißer (Original title: Private Resort ) is an American comedy film directed by George Bowers from 1985 with Johnny Depp and Hector Elizondo in the lead roles.


During their vacation , Jack and Ben want to meet girls in a luxury hotel in Florida . Jack approaches Dana, who has checked in with her wealthy grandmother and cousin. Meanwhile, Ben tries to land with the waitress Patti. The hotel, which forbids private contact between employees and vacationers, complicates the situation. The in-house detective gets in the way of the two, but is looking for the jewel thief Maestro. Maestro, who also checked into the hotel with his wife Bobbie Sue, is after Dana's grandmother's chain. Therefore he tries to win her heart by disguising as a Swiss businessman . Because Jack doesn't make it with his chosen lady immediately, even though he leaves his friend Ben with Dana's cousin Shirley alone in the hotel room, he tries to tear up other women. But even with them he is unsuccessful, as they are repeatedly disturbed or followed by the detective.

At the end of their vacation, Jack and Ben discover that they have fallen in love with Dana and Patti. Before leaving, Maestro Dana's grandmother can steal the chain and lock it in a closet. On the run, while his wife is waiting for him in the taxi , he throws himself up to Ben, who has disguised himself as a widow in front of the jewel thief . When the camouflage blows up threatens to escalate the situation, but freed in the meantime grandmother can the perpetrators with their karate arts off and take their chain itself. At the end of the film, Jack and Dana and Ben and Patti are a couple.



“A poor teenage film; in addition to extensive presentation of tight bikinis, it has nothing to offer but trite gags from the clothes box. "

Gross profit

The film was able to fetch around 330,000 US dollars in North America.


Rob Morrow made his film debut in this film, it was Johnny Depp's first comedy and the nude scene directed by Leslie Esterbrook was cut from the film. The production was shot in Key Largo , Florida.

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