Dr. Giggles

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German title Dr. Giggles
Original title Dr. Giggles
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1992
length 90 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Manny Coto
script Manny Coto
Graeme Whifler
production Stuart M. Better
music Brian May
camera Robert Draper
cut Debra Neil-Fisher

Dr. Giggles is an American slasher film with some comical elements directed by Manny Coto in 1992.


Evan Rendell is the son of a doctor who went mad after the death of his wife and who killed his patients to carry out the world's first heart transplant . Evan later survived the lynching attack by the residents of the small town of Moorehigh. His father hid him in his mother's stomach and was able to leave the crime scene undetected. Years later, he breaks out of psychiatry where he is nicknamed “Dr. Giggles ”(Eng. About“ Doctor Kicher ”) and is returning to Moorehigh to seek revenge on the families who executed his father.

Jennifer Campbell, a student at the local college, has a congenital heart defect . Right now, during the summer vacation, that restricts them greatly. While everyone else is partying, she worries about her health. Especially since her boyfriend Max Anderson shows little understanding for it and turns to another girl. Meanwhile, Dr. Giggles a bloody trail through the town. When his and Jennifer's paths cross, he decides to complete his father's work and give Jennifer a new heart.

First, there is a showdown in the house of Rendell, which is blown up. But Rendell survives and lies in wait for Jennifer in the hospital, where she is to have a new heart valve inserted. However, Jennifer manages to overpower him and Rendell dies for good.


The film was shot in Multnomah County , Oregon . The soundtrack comes from the Australian film composer Brian May and was released on CD in 1992. A CD with the rock or hard rock pieces by Paul Rodgers and House of Lords , among others , was also released.

Dr. Giggles opened in 1681 US theaters on October 23, 1992, grossing over $ 2.7 million on the opening weekend. In total, the film grossed 8 million US dollars.

Dr. Giggles appeared directly on video in Germany and was shortened by six minutes.

The film was unindexed in December 2016.


Overall, Dr. Giggles was mainly perceived as an average slasher film, which was very entertaining in some places, but did not bring any real innovations to the genre,

“Otherwise the film is not bad either, some bloody things, although most of them are cut, are shown, some are discreetly ignored and some are set in rather dark rooms, so that you can let your imagination run wild. The Dr Giggles actor is especially good and even better is his hysterical laugh (hence the name 'Giggles'), which really gets through your marrow. A small, primitive horror film with some funny ideas and a good, dramatic tension. One of the most heavily cut films in Germany. "

- Haiko herds : Haiko's film dictionary

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