Three days of De Panne 2007

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Final result after the 4th stage
winner Alessandro Ballan 12:48:07 h
(42.892 km / h)
Second Joost Posthuma + 0:06 min
Third Bert Roesems + 0:11 min
Fourth Serhiy Matvyeev + 0:17 min
fifth Vladimir Gusev + 0:38 min
Sixth Sébastien Rosseler + 0:45 min
seventh Kevin Hulsmans + 0:49 min
Eighth Markus Eichler + 0:54 min
Ninth Daniele Bennati + 0:55 min
Tenth Luca Paolini + 1:06 min
Scoring Daniele Bennati 37 P.
Second Luca Paolini 33 P.
Third Graeme Brown 24 p.
Mountain scoring Jan Kuyckx 45 p.
Second Alessandro Ballan 20 p.
Third Joost Posthuma 10 p.
Sprint scoring Sergey Lagutin 7 p.
Second Serhiy Matvyeev 3 p.
Third Luca Paolini 3 p.
Team evaluation Quick Step Innergetic 38:26:55 h
Second Discovery Channel + 1:34 min
Third Lampre-Fondital + 1:44 min

The 31st Three Days of De Panne took place from April 3rd to 5th, 2007. The bike race was held in two stages, a half-stage and a short individual time trial over a distance of 549 kilometers. On the first two stages, large parts of the route program of the Tour of Flanders following on April 8th were in the program.



Despite a hilly stage course, the sprinters came out on top on the first three stages. Luca Paolini initially secured the leadership jersey with his victory on the first stage. The following victories of his rivals Daniele Bennati and Gert Steegmans on the second and third stages did not change anything in Paolin's leading position.

The overall winner of 2005, Stijn Devolder, secured victory in the final eleven-kilometer individual time trial . Overall victory went to Italian Alessandro Ballan , who until then had been second overall behind Paolini. Joost Posthuma followed with six and Bert Roesems with eleven seconds behind on the other places in the overall standings .


stage Day Start finish km Stage winner Leader
1st stage 3rd of April Middelkerke - Zottegem 192 Italy Luca Paolini Italy Luca Paolini
2nd stage 4. April Zottegem - Koksijde / Sint-Idesbald 227 Italy Daniele Bennati Italy Luca Paolini
3a. stage April 5th De Panne - De Panne 119 Belgium Gert Steegmans Italy Luca Paolini
3b. stage April 5th De Panne - Koksijde - De Panne ( EZF ) 11 Belgium Stijn Devolder Italy Alessandro Ballan