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Eberhard Noodt (born September 16, 1922 - † October 27, 2005 ) was a German naval officer . At the end of his service, he served in the rank of Rear Admiral as Chief of Staff of the NATO Command Northern Europe ( Allied Forces Northern Europe ).


In December 1939, shortly after the beginning of World War II, Noodt joined the Navy as an officer candidate and was trained as an officer on watch on torpedo boats . He served on boats of the 1st and 2nd torpedo boat flotilla and after further training as a torpedo officer on the light cruiser Cologne . In addition, Noodt performed several staff activities as adjutant and flag lieutenant in the 2nd torpedo boat flotilla, with the leader of the destroyers and with the commander of the cruiser Cologne . After its decommissioning in April 1945, he became a company commander of a newly established naval tank hunting unit.

After the war, Noodt served on minesweepers of the German Mine Clearance Service , most recently as the commander of the clearing boat R 140 until the end of 1947 . He then began studying medicine at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel , but later switched to oceanography . After graduation he became an assistant at the Institute for Oceanography , where he was awarded a Dr. rer. nat. received his doctorate .

On March 1, 1957, Noodt joined the German Navy as a lieutenant captain . After initially working as a military geologist in the Defense Division I , he switched to the command of the Schnellboot, where after a brief briefing as a watch officer on June 1, 1959, he became the commander of the herring gull speedboat and then of the Wolf speedboat . He later became an S3 staff officer and deputy commander of the 3rd Schnellbootgeschwader. In the meantime he served on the staff of the Schnellbootflotille and in the fleet command . From April 1964 to February 1965 he headed the commissioning command for the frigate Braunschweig as corvette captain and, promoted to frigate captain, led the ship as first in command.

After that, Noodt was a senior officer in the armed forces' headquarters until 1968 . From there he was transferred as a sea ​​captain to NATO's Allied Command Baltic Approaches in Denmark. He also served as teaching group and department commander at the command and control academy of the German Armed Forces in Hamburg and as deputy commander of the NATO Defense College in Rome . From 1977 until his retirement on September 30, 1982, he was Rear Admiral Chief of Staff at the NATO command Allied Forces Northern Europe in Kolsås near Oslo .

Eberhard Noodt was married and had two daughters and two sons.


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