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Ebullition Records is an independent label founded in early 1990 based in Goleta , California / USA . The strongly non-commercial and DIY- conscious label is one of the most important publishers in the field of emo , screamo and hardcore punk . The DIY fanzine Heartattack was also published.


The label is 1990 by former columnist for the magazine maximumrocknroll , Kent McClard founded. He receives support from Sonja Skindrud , who wrote the Exedra 'zine and was primarily responsible for the name, and from Brent Stephens , member of Downcast , who designed the logo.

After the first failed project of the release of an LP from Inside Out , the label worked with this band, which would later have international success as Rage Against the Machine , a second time; this time again to bring out a record of the same name Rage Against the Machine . The name that the band later gives itself goes back to a saying by McClard, which he used for some time in Fanzine No Answers # 9 in his articles. But the project never ends.

After a few more unsuccessful attempts to release records by bands, an album by the well-known group Downcast was finally released in late 1990 .

Kent McClard said of the early days:

"Downcast was the perfect band to start Ebullition with, and while I would have liked to have done those releases with Inside Out and Econochrist, Downcast was certainly the best choice for the start of Ebullition Records."

"Downcast was the perfect band to start with Ebullition and while I would have loved to do these releases with Inside Out and Econochrist, Downcast was certainly the best choice to start Ebullition Records."

- Kent McClard

Styles and bands

The label later developed into one of the most important publishers of records from emo and screamo , but also from the usual hardcore punk area. The label published the discography of the influential band Policy of 3 , many records by important Screamo bands such as Portraits of Past , Orchid or the German group Yage, as well as albums by local DIY bands.

A non-exhaustive listing of bands who have released on the label:

Heartattack fanzine

The Heartattack fanzine was also released on Ebullition Records from 1994 to 2006. The focus was on bands from the hardcore punk and emo sectors, as well as DIY culture.

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