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Eckhart Gillen, 2015

Eckhart Gillen (* 1947 in Karlsruhe ) is a German art historian and curator . His main focus is the visual arts of Eastern Europe and especially Eastern Germany after the Second World War .

Live and act

Eckhart Gillen is a son of Otto Gillen and his wife Elisabeth geb. May. From 1966 to 1972 he studied art history , German and sociology at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg . From the mid-1970s he began to be actively involved in art. In 1975 he presented works by painters from Cologne for the New Society for Fine Art in Berlin. Further exhibitions on 20th century art curated by him included “Between Revolutionary Art and Socialist Realism. Art debates in the Soviet Union from 1917 to 1934 ”(1979, with Hubertus Gaßner ),“ Art Documentation SBZ / GDR 1945−1990 ”(1996 in Cologne),“ Pictures of Germany - Art from a divided country ”(1997/1998 in Martin-Gropius in Berlin -Bau ), “Wahnzimmer Germany” (2002 in Leipzig, with Eugen Blume ) and “Das Kunstkombinat DDR. Caesuras in a failed art policy ”(2005 in Cologne) and“ Art and the Cold War. German Positions 1945–1989 ”in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg and German Historisches Museum Berlin (2009).

In the second half of the 1980s, he published the magazine Niemandsland together with Wolfgang Dreßen and Siegfried Radlach . Magazine between cultures .

In 2002, Eckhart Gillen at the University of Heidelberg with the work Difficulties in Searching for the Truth with the subtitle Bernhard Heisig in the conflict between “prescribed anti-fascism” and dealing with his war trauma. A study on the problem of anti-fascist and socialist art in the Soviet occupation zone, GDR 1945−1989 for Dr. phil. PhD .

Eckhart Gillen is a member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) and the Association of German Art Historians. He works as a research assistant at Kulturprojekte Berlin . Since 2013 he has been a member of the advisory board of the Poll Art Foundation , Berlin.

He is married and lives in Berlin with his wife Inge Maria.



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