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Eclipse on September 21, 2009 in Frederikshavn (Denmark)
Eclipse on September 21, 2009 in Frederikshavn ( Denmark )
Ship data
flag BermudaBermuda Bermuda
Ship type Motor yacht
Callsign ZCDX4
home port Hamilton , St. Barts
Owner Roman Abramovich
Shipyard Blohm + Voss , Hamburg
Launch June 12, 2009
Whereabouts in service
Ship dimensions and crew
162.5 m ( Lüa )
width 21.5 m
Draft Max. 5.8 m
measurement 13564 GT
crew 70
Machine system
performanceTemplate: Infobox ship / maintenance / service format
29,600 kW (40,245 hp)
25.0 kn (46 km / h)
propeller 2
Classifications Lloyd's Register
IMO no. 1009613

The Eclipse is a private yacht flying the Bermuda flag . It was built to order and is owned by the Russian - Israeli oligarch Roman Abramovich . With a length of 162.5 meters, the ship is the third longest mega yacht (as of 2018); the distance to number 5 is only 50 cm. The construction price for the ship was estimated by the media at around 340 to 400 million euros.


The ship was handed over in autumn 2010 by the Hamburg shipyard Blohm + Voss to the owner of the ship, the Russian billionaire Roman Abramowitsch . The launch took place on June 12, 2009. Afterwards, the yacht was once again in the large floating dock 10 for revision at Blohm + Voss. On April 16, 2010, she was released from the dock. The total price was estimated at 340 million euros. Including its equipment such as the submarine , it should cost up to 850 million euros.

The Hamburger Abendblatt reported that Abramowitsch had demanded a price reduction of around 80 million euros due to the technical problems and the delay in the handover of Blohm + Voss. A representative from the owner is said to have deleted a number of items from the invoice, stating that they were already settled with the agreed purchase price. This resulted in a conflict about the definition of what was built into the private yacht as "extra equipment". He is also said to have asked for financial compensation for the delayed completion.

The Eclipse , built in Hamburg, has been lengthened twice since construction began to exceed the length of the world's longest yacht, the Dubai . Together with the Sussurro , it forms the company's private fleet. The ship offers rooms for 36 guests and their 90 employees.

From February 2011 the Eclipse could be chartered from a company in Monaco . The Eclipse was wrapped up in a shipyard in Barcelona in July 2012, where a renovation took place that was completed in September 2012.


On a total of nine decks there is a 16 m long pool, a cinema, a disco, 20 jet skis , four motor boats, two helicopter landing pads, one of which has a hangar, retractable multimedia screens and an owner's cabin with a roof that can be opened.

An integral part of the draft was the protection of privacy. The foyer was placed in the heart of the yacht to divide the ship owner, guests and crew. Spotlights are installed below the waterline to detect swimmers or divers nearby. There are also armored portholes as well as flashlight sensors and electronic measures to prevent digital photography. A large number of motion detectors should also provide additional security.

The yacht was structurally prepared for the installation of a missile warning system and for the accommodation of a small submarine, which can submerge unnoticed from the outside. The submarine as well as the missile and the air defense system originating from France were to be upgraded later. The interfaces and the power supply for the missile defense system were already provided for during construction . A tender garage for the submarines was also installed.

The reason for installing these weapons at a later date is the German Weapons Act and the War Weapons Control Act, which prohibit private individuals from selling, operating and using such military weapons. The submarine and the missile defense system should be retrofitted by a Russian shipyard.

The yacht was searched by German customs in September 2018 . The officials investigated the suspicion of a violation of the War Weapons Control Act. According to the report, there was no missile defense system or other weapons on board.

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