Egon van Erckelens

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Egon Franz Gustav van Erckelens (born October 14, 1885 in Pfaffendorf , † March 10, 1964 in Bad Homburg in front of the height ) was a German administrative lawyer.


Egon van Erckelens was the son of lieutenant Eugen Victor Carl van Erckelens. He studied law and was sworn in on August 1, 1908 as a trainee lawyer . In May 1913 he became a government assessor and took up his post on April 26, 1913 as an unskilled worker at the district office in the Neustadt district . At the end of August he became a representative of the district administrator in the Isenhagen district , and from the end of September 1915 in the Celle district . In November 1915 he switched to the Reich Office of the Interior as an unskilled worker and in December 1915 became a representative of the district administrator in the Adenau district . From January 1916 he worked as a laborer in the civil administration of Belgium. In December 1918 he switched to the government in Minden.

On April 21, 1921, he was appointed to represent the administration of the Obertaunus district . On December 21, 1921 he was appointed to the government council and on March 10, 1922 to the district administrator . On August 22, 1933, he was given leave of absence for political reasons. On September 26, 1933, he was given temporary retirement. In 1934 he was reactivated and transferred to the government in Düsseldorf. There he was again a member of the government council from 1935 and finally retired in 1943.


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