Georg Eberlein (politician)

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Georg Eberlein (born April 4, 1888 in Frankfurt am Main , † January 29, 1976 in Bad Homburg in front of the height ) was a Hessian politician ( DVP , LDP ), Lord Mayor of Bad Homburg and District Administrator of the Obertaunus district .

education and profession

Georg Eberlein was the son of a privateer . After graduating from high school, he studied law in Marburg and Berlin from 1906 to 1908 and became a member of the Germania Marburg fraternity in 1906 . He completed his studies in 1913 with a doctorate as Dr. iur. and in 1914 with the second state examination. Before that he worked as a trainee lawyer in Nastätten and at the Frankfurt am Main district court .

After brief employment as a lawyer and in a bank, he entered the civil service with the city of Frankfurt in 1914. In 1915 he was drafted and served as a judge-martial on the Western Front. In 1917 he returned to the city of Frankfurt, where he became the personal advisor to the mayor and municipal syndic.


Georg Eberlein was elected Mayor of Bad Homburg on November 14, 1924. With the seizure of power of the Nazis he was deposed and could not engage in political. After the Second World War he was one of the founders of the LDP, which later became the Hessian state association of the FDP . In 1945 the American occupation forces reinstated him as mayor (and awarded him the title of mayor). After the first free local elections in 1946, he was re-elected as Lord Mayor by the city council. In 1948 he was elected district administrator of the Obertaunus district. He held this position until his retirement in 1960.


In 1958, on the occasion of his 70th birthday, he was made an honorary citizen of the city of Bad Homburg.


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