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Hermann Jakob Friedrich Karl Usinger (born May 7, 1880 in Mainz , † November 15, 1947 in Darmstadt ) was a German administrative lawyer .


Hermann Usinger was the son of the architect Wilhelm Usinger (1829–1907) and his wife Marie Susanne nee Kraemer. On November 20, 1915, he married Maria, born Matti in Mainz (November 26, 1892), the daughter of Anton Matti from Frankfurt.

Hermann Usinger studied law and graduated in 1908 with a doctorate in law. jur. from. After graduating, he became a government assessor in Alsfeld , Darmstadt and Offenbach am Main . On January 8, 1916 he was appointed police commissioner at the Darmstadt Police Office with the title "Police Officer". On December 24, 1920 he was promoted to the head of the State Gendarmerie Directorate and on August 12, 1922 to the head of the Darmstadt Police Office with the title of Police Director.

The non-party Usinger became district director ( district administrator ) in the district of Groß-Gerau on March 18, 1932 . On December 14, 1933, he was dismissed by the National Socialist rulers on the basis of the law to restore the civil service . On April 1, 1934, the dismissal was converted into a retirement transfer.

After the Second World War , the American occupation forces made him district administrator of the Obertaunus district and state control officer of IG Farben Höchst. After the local elections in Hesse in 1946 , he gave his district office to the first freely elected district administrator. In 1947 he was retired.

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