Leonhard von Massenbach

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Leonhard von Massenbach

Leonhard von Massenbach (born November 6, 1835 in Sophienthal, Friedland district (East Prussia), † July 10, 1883 in Aachen ) was a Prussian politician and district administrator of the Obertaunus district .

After the suicide of Constantin von Briesen the place of the district administrator of the Upper Taunus district became vacant. Eleven candidates applied for the position, including seven district administrators from other districts and the Bad Homburg bailiff and police director Schaffner, for whom over 1000 citizens had campaigned in a petition to the emperor. But Berlin decided on Leonhard Freiherr von Massenbach, who took over the position in 1877. After his death in 1883, Bernhard von der Heydt became the new district administrator. His administration was inconspicuous.

During his studies he became a member of the Königsberg fraternity in Gothia in 1855 .


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