Bernhard von der Heydt

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Bernhard von der Heydt

Bernhard Freiherr von der Heydt (born September 25, 1840 in Elberfeld (now part of Wuppertal ); † January 9, 1907 in Wannsee near Berlin ) was a Prussian politician and district administrator of the Obertaunus district .

Education and life

Bernhard von der Heydt initially received private tuition before he switched to the Friedrich-Wilhelm Gymnasium in Berlin , where he graduated from high school in 1859. He studied agriculture at the universities of Berlin and Bonn and did internships in Silesia , Saxony and Hanover . However, due to illness, he interrupted his studies before graduation, and spent several years in Bonn, where he law and economics studies, but again without an examination store.

Administrative career and district administrator

In 1871 and 1872 Bernhard von der Heydt worked in the district office of the district of Bonn and the provincial governments of Düsseldorf and Wiesbaden, but resigned from the civil service after an application to become district administrator of the Mettmann district was unsuccessful. As a result, he was repeatedly entrusted with the administration of offices and districts at short notice ( Office Rüdesheim , from October 11, 1874 district Euskirchen and later district Malmedy ). In 1879 Bernhard von der Heydt passed the district examination at the provincial government in Aachen and was appointed district administrator of the Malmedy district in the same year.

In 1883 Bernhard von der Heydt was initially provisional and from August 3, 1883 a full district administrator of the Obertaunus district. During his tenure, the district office was relocated to Louisenstrasse 88 (the previous “Prince of Wales” hotel). As a district administrator, von der Heydt was the director of the Rindschen Bürgerstift . On April 1, 1886, the Usingen district was separated from the Obertaunus district.

In 1893, Bernhard von der Heydt was elected as a member of the Nassau municipal parliament, where he was a member of the submission committee.

At the end of 1894 he resigned both in the communal parliament and from his office as district administrator for health reasons.


Bernhard von der Heydt was the son of the Prussian Finance Minister August von der Heydt and his wife Julie, née Blank (1804–1865). He married Annie Luise Mathilde Loeschigk on May 14, 1868 in Bonn (July 22, 1849 - September 7, 1922).


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