Mission in Hamburg - murder on prescription

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Episode in the series Mission in Hamburg
Original title Murder on prescription
Country of production Germany
original language German
Studio Hamburg
length 87 minutes
classification Episode 7 ( list )
first broadcast
May 27, 2006 on ZDF
Director Walter Weber
script Jan Hinter ,
Stefan Cantz
music Fabian Römer
camera Volker Tittel
cut Angelika Sengbusch

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Murder on Prescription is a German television film by Walter Weber from 2006. It is the seventh episode of the ZDF crime film series Einsatz in Hamburg , the first two films of which were broadcast under the series title Jenny Berlin .


Hannes Wolfer had to undergo biliary surgery in the hospital. When his colleagues Jenny Berlin and Volker Brehm visit him, they have to see how the attending doctor, Dr. Rixen, in the hallway, has a serious argument with nightclub owner Bob Seitz. In the evening Frank Hellmann, one of the clinic's doctors, is found dead in his apartment. Jenny Berlin sees herself faster with Dr. Rixen again when they expected to question him. The argument with Bob Seitz could be related to the doctor's death, which she wants to find out. The reason for Seitz's “attack” was the death of his brother, who recently died here in the clinic after a biliary operation. Seitz blames the doctors for what makes him appear urgently suspect. When the dead man's cell phone is found on him, he is arrested. In principle, the case seems to have been solved, but Jenny Berlin has doubts. A large number of packs of a drug that is currently being tested in the Rixens Clinic were found in the victim's car. Seitz Bruder and at least four other patients who received this drug died of pulmonary embolism shortly after their operations . The inspector suspects that Hellmann found connections here, but his laptop has disappeared and there were no other documents in his apartment either. She investigates this assumption and is certain that the test results for the trial drug were manipulated in the clinic and that the medical records were embellished accordingly. After she and her colleagues find a private laboratory in the victim's basement, in which Hellmann apparently tested the controversial drug on rats, she is sure that this is Dr. Rixen shouldn't have liked it. After Hellmann's tests, the drug would never be approved and the clinic would lose the funds for the tests. Rixen betrays himself when he plans to kill the witness who saw him on the stairwell. Jenny Berlin and Volker Brehm can prevent this and arrest Rixen.


The film was shot in Hamburg , Tierpark Hagenbeck and the surrounding area on May 27, 2006 at 8:15 pm as part of the Saturday crime series on ZDF .


Tilmann P. Gangloff from tittelbach.tv judged: “The viewer suspects much earlier than the trio of the Hamburg homicide squad where the wind is blowing when an assistant doctor is found dead in his own blood ... Despite small blemishes, 'Murder on prescription' prepares the ZDF series 'Einsatz in Hamburg' is definitely a pleasure. The author duo Stefan Cantz & Jan Hinter ('Tatort' Münster) knows how to set comedic highlights and at Szyszkowitz & Co the chemistry is right. "

In quotenmeter.de Julian Miller evaluated: Use in Hamburg: Murder on prescription "can [...] quite convincing. The story is interesting and full of conflict, but the tension mostly falls by the wayside. There are too few unpredictable scenes, but the plot and the end are difficult to predict overall. The characters are mostly well constructed and the dialogues also meet. The acting performance of the actors is consistently pleasing and the many plot twists are excellently thought out. "

The TV Spielfilm gave the best possible rating (thumbs up) and found: "Transparent plot, but the milieu drawing makes up for it." And drew the conclusion: "Effective against boredom disease".

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