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Emil Freiherr Woinovich von Belobreska (born April 23, 1851 in Petrinja ; † February 13, 1927 in Vienna ) was an Austro-Hungarian general and military historian.


Woinovich, the son of a military building director, whose family came from Belobreska in Krasso County, Austria-Hungary monarchy , attended the Theresian Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt from 1866 to 1870 , from which he was retired as a lieutenant in Infantry Regiment No. 25. After attending the War School from 1873 to 1875, he was assigned to the General Staff, and in 1879 he was taken on as a captain in the corps and was deployed in the fight against the uprising in Bosnia and Herzegovina , later referred to as the Bosnian annexation crisis. After a year of use in military mapping, Emil Woinovich came to the Reich Ministry of War in 1883. In 1887 he was appointed Chief of Staff of the 18th Infantry Troop Division, but was appointed to the war school as a teacher for "Strategy and War History" in the fall of 1888.

1893-1896 was Woinovich head of the Registry Office of the General Staff, then took command of the Infantry Regiment. 26 and came as Brigadier of Gran ( Esztergom ) to Prague . From there he was appointed to the Vienna War Archives in 1901 as the successor to Director Leander von Wetzer (1840–1904), became Lieutenant Field Marshal in 1903, and in 1908 General of the Infantry. In 1916, during the First World War, he became a baron, and after forty-six years of service he retired.


As a corresponding member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and since 1910 Real Privy Councilor, Emil Woinovich was raised to the Hungarian nobility in 1905 with the title "von Belobreska" and in 1916 to the Austrian baron. He received the Order of the Iron Crown III in 1896 . Class, 1906 the Leopold Order , 1907 the Decoration for Art and Science and 1908 the Grand Cross of the Franz Joseph Order .

Emil Woinovich Freiherr von Belobreska was married to Louise, née von Urien, died in 1923 and was buried in the Vienna Central Cemetery . Woinovichgasse in Vienna- Hietzing has had his name since 1936 .


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