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Erechtheus (also Erechtheus II ; Greek  Ἐρεχθεύς , "earth shaker ") is the son of Pandion and Zeuxippe in Greek mythology . He became King of Attica after the death of his father , while his twin brother Butes became the chief priest of Athena . His sisters were Prokne and Philomela .

With his wife Praxithea he became the father of the sons Kekrops , Orneus , Thespios , Metion , Sikyon , Pandoros , Alkon and Eupalamos as well as the daughters Prokris , Krëusa , Oreithyia , Chthonia , Protogeneia , Pandora and Merope .


When the Thracian Eumolpos invaded Attica (according to other sources, Erechtheus was warred by the Eleusinians and by Eumolpos, whom they called to help), Erechtheus received the prophecy from the oracle that he would win if he sacrificed one of his daughters.

He then sacrificed the youngest (or oldest) daughter, whereupon the rest of them killed themselves. Thereupon he struck the enemy, and Eumolpos fell. But he himself was killed by Poseidon , the father of Eumolpos (or killed by Zeus at the request of Poseidon ). After Pausanias , it was not Eumolpos but his son Immarados who fell from Erechtheus' hand. Erechtheus also fell in this war.

He was succeeded by his eldest son, Kekrops .

Homer calls Erichthonios Erechtheus, therefore the older Erichthonios is also called Erechtheus I and the later Erechtheus as Erechtheus II. An Attic phyle was named after him Erechtheis .


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Pandion King of Attica Cecrops II.