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Ernst Lemberger (born July 9, 1906 in Vienna ; † December 3, 1974 there ) was an Austrian lawyer , diplomat and resistance fighter . Among other things, he was ambassador to Brussels , Washington, DC and Paris .


As early as 1934 Lemberger took part in the so-called February battles in Vienna. In 1943 Lemberger, who worked as a coal worker in Carmaux , joined the French Resistance under the code name Jean Lambert . From 1944 to 1945 he was a foreign representative of the Provisional Austrian National Committee (POEN) and later a member of the SPÖ . After the end of the war, Lemberger went to Sweden as a representative of the SPÖ to bring the politician and later Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky out of political exile. Although Kreisky stayed in Sweden for the time being, from now on he saw Lemberger as a political confidante, through whom, for example, in December 1961 he had Austria submit an “association request” to the EEC , and Kreisky gave a funeral speech at his funeral. In November 1945 he entered the diplomatic service and later became the Austrian ambassador in Brussels (from 1958), Washington, DC (from 1965) and Paris (from 1969).

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