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Esther Mieg , née de Gélieu (born September 20, 1757 in Les Verrières , † June 13, 1817 in Colombier NE ), was a Swiss teacher, headmistress and educator.


Esther de Gélieu was born as the youngest daughter of the pastor Jaques de Gélieu and grew up with her brother Jonas de Gélieu in Lignières NE .

After joining the girls' boarding school in Neuchâtel , run by her sisters Salomé de Gélieu , Rose Prince and Marie-Elisabeth de Pury , she was trained to be the educator of young women and, after her sister Rose left, she took on educational activities in the boarding school.

In 1782 she was appointed head of the electoral philanthropist , today's Karolinen-Gymnasium in Frankenthal , which became the first state secondary school for girls in Germany on the basis of an edict of the Palatinate elector Karl Theodor from the same year.

From 1786 she was governess of the daughters of the Count of Nassau-Weilburg , after whose marriage she and her husband, the Basel doctor Dr. Melchior Mieg opens a boarding school for girls in Basel . During this time, there were close relationships with Johann Caspar Lavater, who also lived in Basel for a time . The boarding school was later moved to Colombier, where Esther Mieg died in 1817.


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