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The Evangelical Theological Faculty of Tübingen is part of the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen . The subjects of the Old Testament , New Testament , Church History , Church Order , Systematic Theology , Practical Theology , Mission Studies and Religious Studies are taught according to the classic German model . One of the main research areas of the Theological Faculty is Jewish Studies ; since the 2004/05 winter semester there has been a bachelor's and master's degree in Jewish Studies in cooperation with the Faculty of Cultural Studies.


The theological faculty was one of the founding faculties of the Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen in 1477, alongside the legal, medical and philosophical faculties. When Duke Ulrich returned to Württemberg in 1534 and introduced the Reformation, the theological faculty also became Protestant a year later. Duke Ulrich managed to bring Johannes Brenz to Tübingen as a professor from 1537 to 1538 . The Reformation expanded the leading position of the theological faculty within the university and increased the influence of the church. Professorships and church offices were combined, the holders of the three theological chairs were also provost , dean and pastor at the collegiate church in Tübingen . In addition, the holder of the first theological chair was also Chancellor of the entire university until 1817. The main focus of teaching was on the interpretation of scriptures, only gradually other disciplines were added, for example dogmatics in 1652 and church history and homiletics until 1720. The Tübingen School developed here in the 19th century . In 1813, practical theology was finally given a full professorship as the last department. In 1826 the Protestant theological faculty was reorganized. Ferdinand Christian Baur was appointed and developed the younger Tübingen school. The highest number of students at the faculty was reached in the winter semester 1984/85, there were 2250 students enrolled in Protestant theology. After restructuring in 2001 to the detriment of the humanities, the number of students in Protestant theology also fell massively to 783 students in the summer semester 2011. Since October 2019, Volker Leppin , Professor of Church History , has been the Dean of the Protestant Theological Faculty .


  • Old Testament Department
  • Department New Testament
    • Chair for New Testament and Ancient Judaism: Michael Tilly
    • Chair for New Testament with a focus on gospel research: Hans-Joachim Eckstein (until 2016)
    • Chair for New Testament with a focus on Paul and the Paulus School, theology and hermeneutics of the New Testament: Christof Landmesser
  • Department of Church History
  • Department systematics
  • Department of Practical Theology
    • Chair for practical theology with a focus on homiletics: Gerald Kretzschmar
    • Chair for practical theology with a focus on religious education: Friedrich Schweitzer
    • Chair for practical theology with a focus on pastoral teaching and pastoral theology: Birgit Weyel
  • Department of Religious Studies and Jewish Studies


The Evangelical Theological Faculty is housed together with the Catholic Theological Faculty in the so-called Theologicum , an old clinic building and a structurally connected library building, newly built in 1989 and now a listed building due to its characteristic, octagonal floor plan, not far from the copper building.


Various Christian media such as the Protestant news magazine idea Spektrum erroneously reported on November 26, 2015 that no prayer services were allowed in the building of the Protestant Theological Faculty of the University of Tübingen. The false report caused great indignation among the Württemberg synodians .


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