Evert Horn

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Evert Horn on a Finnish postage stamp (1934)
Sarcophagus for Evert Horn and Margareta Fincke by Arent Passer in Turku Cathedral

Evert Karlsson Horn af Kanckas (born June 11, 1585 in Hapsal Castle ; † July 30, 1615 near Pleskau ) was a Swedish field marshal .


Evert Horn was born the son of the Swedish Councilor Carl Henriksson Horn af Kanckas (1550-1601) and his wife Agneta, née von Dellwig († 1611). His brothers were the Field Marshal Gustaf Karlsson Horn , the diplomat Henrik Karlsson Horn and the Governor General of Swedish-Pomerania Klas Karlsson Horn .

Like his brothers, Evert Horn enjoyed a high-ranking upbringing and was considered educated. He decided early on for a military career in Swedish Livonia . He particularly stood out in Russia in 1609 during the campaign of Jakob de la Gardie , when Sweden provided military aid to Russian Tsar Vasily IV against Pseudodimitri II . During the later war of King Gustav II Adolf against Russia (1610-1617) Horn took Staraya Russa , Koporje , Jama , Ivangorod and Gdow, among others .

In a short time Evert Horn rose from lieutenant colonel to lieutenant general . In 1613 he was appointed governor of Narva , Ivangorod, Jama and Koporje. In the same year he married Margareta Fincke († 1647), the daughter of the high land manager ( befallningsman ) Gödik Fincke and his wife Ingeborg Nilsdotter Boije. The couple's only child was the future field marshal and imperial councilor Gustaf Evertsson Horn (1614–1666).

In 1614 Evert Horn became field marshal and was held in high esteem by the king. In a Russian sortie during the Swedish siege of Pskov, Evert Horn was hit by a bullet in late July 1615 and died. He was buried in Turku Cathedral on February 25, 1616 in the presence of King Gustav II Adolf .


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